How to Support Your Entrepreneur Boyfriend - 15 Ways to Show Support Support to an Entrepreneur

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If you’re wondering how to support your entrepreneur boyfriend, the first thing you need to know is that this is not an easy job. There will be days when you feel like you are the only one in the relationship because he will be so consumed with work that he wouldn’t focus on much else. This might even be the case more often than not.

A boyfriend who is an entrepreneur will need someone supportive at such times and one who is not only understanding but also adaptable. He’ll also need you to be emotionally, mentally, and physically alert to his needs and will sometimes even expect this without saying so.

Like the full-time job this sounds like there will be some benefits. You will get someone who is dedicated, devoted, enthusiastic, and full of excitement that is sure to rub off on you. You just need to be prepared for the fact that this is no walk in the park and support them to the best of your ability.

Like the full-time job this sounds like there will be some benefits

Some ways you can do that are shown below.

1. You should encourage him

If in a relationship with an entrepreneur, you need to be prepared to encourage him as often as possible. Being an entrepreneur comes with many highs and lows, and he will need your support to get through those times.

You can best do this by avoiding negativity or saying things that will make him doubt himself, such as, “It would be hard to find customers in this economy,” or “Most new businesses tend to fail, so don’t worry too much.”

Even if you meant this with the best of intentions, it can bring doubt into his mind, which would negatively affect his motivation for success.

2. You should show interest in his work

An entrepreneur’s first relationship will usually be with their business. This means that you need to show interest in this first love of his to get to him. Get him talking by asking how things are going, what stage of implementation he is at, and what plans and ideas he has to grow the business.

Knowing that you actually care about his work will make him more comfortable around you and give him a little bit of a push to work harder, knowing that he will have to talk to you about his activities.

3. You should offer suggestions

You may be thinking of how to support your entrepreneur boyfriend with suggestions but you’re in another industry and don’t know if you can be of much help. This is actually advantageous to him because it means that you can look at things from a different angle.

So don’t be afraid to offer up some suggestions in a supportive tone because you might just be the key to solving a certain problem he is facing. After all, a relationship is a partnership, and partners help each other out.

4. You should be trustworthy

One of the best ways to support your entrepreneur boyfriend is to be trustworthy. The one thing he does not need is to be distracted with worries about you being committed to him or cheating with someone else.

Dating an entrepreneur means that there will be times when you will be neglected, but the worst way to respond to this is to let others in to fill this void. It can break him if he finds out and can still affect him drastically if he notices any signs of infidelity.

Your boyfriend also needs to trust you with information because there will be certain things he will tell you about his business that should remain between you.

5. You should be financially organized

Entrepreneurs and romantic relationships sometimes don’t get along because of entrepreneurship’s strain on resources.

If you’re thinking of how to support your entrepreneur boyfriend – and depending on the seriousness of the relationship – you need to find a way to deal with the financial issues that the relationship will face in the pursuit of entrepreneurial success.

You can do this by:

  • Coming up with budgets that cater for both household and business expenditure.
  • Keeping a record of how cash is being spent.
  • Discussing your respective roles – for instance, if you will be expected to pitch into business every now and then or if he can rely on you for certain needs while he invests in the company.

Doing these will reduce tensions in the relationship and give you both an understanding of how things are progressing in the business.

6. You should be flexible and forgiving

Flexibility is key in a relationship with an entrepreneur because their time schedules can change at a moment’s notice. Your boyfriend could, for instance, have a date with you that he cancels to attend an important meeting. You need to be flexible enough to understand that there will be other dates, but you will be flying solo for that day.

Having a forgiving nature will also be an asset when you get annoyed by your boyfriend’s tendency to cancel on you or give you too little attention. Depending on how the business is going, he will also have mood swings and may take them out on you. You just have to find a way to forgive him – after he apologizes, of course – for these transgressions.

7. You should schedule dates and activities

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Jack became this dull boy because he was burned out from work. This could very well be your boyfriend if he keeps pushing himself without taking some time to unwind.


According to the World Economic Forum, this is where you come in. Partners are known to give positive help when experiencing burnout, and you can be that partner by planning events and dates with your hard-working entrepreneur boyfriend.

You may have to put it in his schedule to make sure that he comes, or he might fill that space with something else unwittingly. These activities are important because they will allow him time to unwind and build your relationship.

8. You should have your own life

Entrepreneurs need to devote a huge amount of time and energy to their work, but they can’t do this efficiently if they have people that are overly dependent on them emotionally. They will feel guilty about leaving you whenever they go to work, and this distraction will prevent them from getting as much work done.

Therefore, you should have some hobbies and interests that you can keep yourself busy with when your entrepreneur boyfriend is busy. It’ll be a win-win situation where you aren’t bored, and he can focus well on work.

9. You should encourage them not to do too much

What is the best way to show support to your successful entrepreneur boyfriend? Encourage him to slow down every once in a while. Successful entrepreneurs have a tendency to feel unstoppable such that they take on too many tasks. This can lead to burnout which will only serve to reduce their productivity.

Rather, try to advise him to reduce the number of things he has to do in a given time by spacing out these tasks to allow for rest and recovery.

10. You should give them space

Your entrepreneur boyfriend will sometimes need space to focus and get work done. This doesn’t mean that he views you as a burden; it just means that he finds your awesomeness so distracting that if he doesn’t excuse himself, he’ll never get any work done.

Giving him space is another reason to find hobbies to engage in so you won’t feel bored when he goes off alone to work.

11. You should be willing to share them

A boyfriend who is into entrepreneurship will not only be busy with his actual work but will also have to be active socially to improve his prospects of success. He will, for instance, go to seminars with other entrepreneurs to pick up skills, attend events for networking, and even engage in meetings with both staff and industry participants to gain more insight into his work.

Programming your mind to accept that you will have to share him with other people will help you get through these moments with greater ease.

12. You should expect to be their +1

When he goes to these networking events and sometimes those that involve learning, your entrepreneur boyfriend will often need you to tag along as his plus one. He’ll need you to be there for him, so be prepared to attend events every now and then.

As those events are for networking, he will have to leave you every now and then to talk to others, which means that you’ll be alone sometimes. You’ll just have to find other ways to keep yourself company.

And, with you being his partner, people might ask you questions about his work. This underscores why you need to have some knowledge and interest in what he does.

13. You should help them stay organized

Your boyfriend is starting a company and he’s stressed. Therefore he might not have the mental fortitude to keep his personal life organized. You can help him out in this regard by reminding him:

  • To eat healthily.
  • To call or send messages to people on their birthdays and special occasions.
  • To sleep every now and then.
  • Of important personal meetings that he may have forgotten.

You can also help tidy up his place a bit if he is so busy that he can’t get around to doing it. Reducing his personal struggles will go a long way in alleviating his work stress.

14. You shouldn’t make them feel like they have to choose between you and their business

The last thing an entrepreneur needs in a relationship is manipulation and emotional toxicity. You will give him this if you say things that will make him feel like he has to choose between you and his entrepreneurial dreams.

Examples of things to avoid saying include:

  • “I think you care more about this business than us.”
  • “Is it impossible to put away your phone and give me just a little bit of your time?”
  • “You keep working so much yet can’t give me some attention.”

We’re not saying you shouldn’t ask for some attention, but your phrasing and tone are hugely important. For instance, instead of saying he cares more about the business than you, you could say that you understand why he has to work so hard and would love to spend some quality time with him soon.

15. You shouldn’t compare your relationship with others

A relationship with an entrepreneur will be different from those of others. It is best not to compare what you have to what others have because it would be like comparing apples and oranges. This is unless, of course, you are comparing to relationships with other entrepreneurs.

Pointing out how other boyfriends treat their girlfriends might make your boyfriend feel inadequate for being unable to relate with you better. This feeling can only contribute negatively to his work and state of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can an entrepreneur be happy when dating?

An entrepreneur will be happy when dating if their partner:

  • Is supportive.
  • Shows interest in their work.
  • Is flexible and forgiving.
  • Gives them space to work.
  • Encourages them to be better.
  • Is trustworthy.

2. Can you be an entrepreneur and be in a relationship?

It is quite possible for an entrepreneur to be in a relationship so long as they make an effort to stay connected to their partner. They can do this by scheduling dates and events, involving them in their work, telling them ahead of time when they can’t make it, and making it up to them for lost time.

They will also need a flexible and forgiving partner who is patient and supportive for the relationship to work.

3. How do you get a business man to fall in love with you?

  • First, check if he’s available.
  • Subtly infiltrate his space.
  • Subtly flirt with him while being friendly.
  • Offering your help on projects he is involved in.
  • Asking him to help you out with a project “giving you trouble.”
  • Suggesting a hangout after work.

         Get more in-depth advice from How to get a male coworker to like you.

All in all

Dating a boyfriend who is an entrepreneur is a lot of work that requires you to be patient, forgiving, supportive, and flexible. But if you decide that he is worth it, you are in for a very fulfilling experience.





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