Two Years Old Birthday Party Ideas

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  • It is important to celebrate your children’s birthdays even when they are too young to remember or grasp the concept of a birthday.
  • Birthday parties are important because they reunite your toddler with their friends and family that they may not have seen otherwise
  • Planning a birthday party for a 2-year-old can be a very involving task – there is usually a need for costumes, decorations, cake, and themes to surround the event.
  • This article brings you easy, fun, and creative ideas for your 2 years old’s birthday party.


1. Disney Characters

If you are looking for easy and fun party themes for 2-year-old birthdays, then Disney is your gold mine! They have a little something for everyone – You can either choose to go with princes and princesses, animals, or any other characters from the numerous television shows that Disney has. The choice is yours for the picking.

2. Garden Party

A garden party theme is great for parents who do not want clatter in their homes and have no desire to clean up after. Highly recommended for summertime, garden parties have the potential to have other themes meshed inside them such as luau and barn – with the right costumes, of course.

3. Pool Party

Similar to a garden party theme, the pool party theme works best during summer and it is a great way for you and your baby to unwind and enjoy the beautiful sun and swim in the beautiful waters.

4. Bubble Party

A bubble party theme is perhaps the best fit for a girl’s 2nd birthday party. Invite people over to the party and have a bubble blowing machine running for the entirety of the party. The bubbles will make it look like you are in a magical bubble land and it is a great memory to create for your baby girl.

5. Ice Cream Social

Another great theme for your child’s two-year-old party is the ice cream social. You can decorate everything to look like an ice cream parlor and even get an ice cream cake made for the birthday baby.

6. Animated Movies

Just like the Disney theme, the theme of the animated movie is also a gold mine when it comes to selecting themes for your toddler’s birthday; for example, you can have a Despicable Me movie theme and decorate the party with minions and bananas. There is so much possibility and potential with animated movies and it will relatively make your life easier when planning a toddler’s birthday party.

7. Galaxy

A great theme for a boy’s 2nd birthday party is the galaxy. You can decorate the room with stars and planets and even add some glow-in-the-dark sticks to represent clusters, galaxies, and other terrestrial bodies.


When planning a 2nd birthday party, you have to make sure that there is a theme tied to the party. This is because it makes it easier for the other moms to dress up their children, and other guests to easily buy gifts for your child that go with the theme, and most importantly, you will have a very easy time organizing and buying decor for the party when there is a theme involved. So for whatever theme that you choose, there is always a corresponding decoration idea.


1. Cardboard Castle

If you are looking for small birthday party ideas for 2-year-old, then this cardboard castle idea is for you. It will require some DIY crafting but it will be absolutely incredible if you manage to pull it off.

2. Paint Party

The good thing about a paint party is that not only is it fun for the kids, but it also works as a stimulant for the brain because of all the different colors, and you can also use this moment to teach your child about shapes and animals that they can make with their hands such as chickens or snakes.

3. Fairytale Party

A fairytale party is a great idea for a 2nd birthday party for girls. You can choose from the different princesses that there are and develop a theme from that. For example, if you decide to use Ariel, then your kid’s birthday party can be themed under the sea – with the mommy dressed up as queen of the sea and daddy as king of the sea with the birthday girl dressed as the princess that she is. The graph below shows some of the most popular Disney Princesses according to a 2018 study

Popular Disney Princesses


1. Rainbow Party

If you are looking for nifty ideas for 2nd birthday parties for boys, then you will love this rainbow party idea. The whole concept is to make the party as colorful as possible making the seven colors of the rainbow the primary colors of the party.

2. Sesame Street

Another cool 2nd birthday party idea for boys is to have a Sesame Street, themed party. You can have all the guests dress up like characters from the show, have a giant cookie instead of a birthday cake, and even screen an episode or two from the show at some point during the party.

3. Cars Party

A car-themed birthday party for a 2-year-old is perhaps the most masculine a party for a 2-year-old can get. You can either center this around the animated movie Cars, or you can base it around actual cars and decorate it in the cars that you most like and think are the coolest.


1. Hide and Seek

Finding things to do for a 2-year-old birthday party that will keep them engaged for longer can seem like such a task and this is why hide and seek was invented because it can be played for longer periods of time and still be fun and interesting enough to grab the kids attention.

2. Ball Pit

Another amazing 2nd birthday party game idea at home is the ball pit. Everyone loves a good ball pit, children especially. Fill up a mini inflatable pool with multicolored pit balls. Just make sure you are present when the kids play to avoid any accidents such as choking or suffocating.

3. Building Blocks

Building blocks is such a fun game for toddlers to play at parties because for the majority of the time, they can do it on their own and you can tend to your other (grown-up) guests. Just make sure to check on your child every no wand then to make sure everything is okay.


1. What to do for a 2-year-old birthday?

There are three different things you can do for and with your 2-year-old. The first and obvious one is you can throw them a birthday party, but if that’s not something you want to do then you can celebrate the birthday by taking them on a mini trip to a theme park or any other place you see fit that will be fun for you and your toddler, see this article on places to take 2-year-old for a birthday (LINK NOT YET UP) for inspiration. The last option is to skip the celebrations altogether and just spend the day at home while still acknowledging their birthday. Whatever you decide to do, as long as you and your child are happy and fulfilled.

2. What is a good two-year-old birthday cake?

A good two-year-old’s birthday cake will depend on what they like at that moment in their life and how you are raising your child. It is very common these days for parents to choose to raise their child “gender-neutral” meaning not assigning gender roles/colors/activities to their children and in this case, the stereotypical “for boys” and “for girls” cakes would not work.

A good bet would be to pay attention to your child and see what they really like and get them a cake made based off of it. For example, if your child likes fire trucks then you can get them a cake shaped like a firetruck.

3. What are some birthday party ideas for a 2-year-old in winter?

Winter can make venues for birthday parties a little bit scarce and restrictive. When looking for a winter birthday venue, keep in mind how well heated the place is going to be, because you want your guests to be warm and comfortable. With that said, here are some places you can use as venues for your child’s second birthday; your home, at an arcade, an art studio, an amusement park, or the zoo. Most of these establishments will ensure that they are well heated during the winter, therefore, making it safe and fun for both you and your guests to enjoy the birthday party.

4. What are some birthday party ideas for a 2-year-old in summer?

Contrary to winter birthdays, summer birthdays have much more options. You can have your summer birthday party at a wide selection of outdoor venues such as; beaches, poolside, and parks. In fact, most of our selection on this list is catered to summer birthday parties as opposed to winter.


In conclusion, we have, in this article, compiled the best ideas for your 2-year old girl and/or boy birthday party. We hope that you have found some inspiration on how to celebrate your little one with different fun ideas for a 2-year-old birthday party including themes and party games.





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