18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter from Dad whattogetmy

18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter from Dad

So, your daughter is turning eighteen already. Congratulations! We bet you’re terrified and thrilled at the same time. Who knew that years will pass so quickly? Your little girl is a grown-up woman already, and you must have a hard time adapting to the fact. Birthdays are especially terrifying because they remind you of a new period of your child’s life that will change everything. Still, they are incredibly beautiful in so many different ways!

You probably want to get something unique for your daughter on this special day. Of course, you want to give her the world every day of her life, but birthdays are kind of special, especially the one when she turns eighteen. To help you find the best gift, we have 7 unique 18th birthday gift ideas for daughter from dad that will leave your child speechless. Don’t miss to check them out!

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18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

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AKASO EK7000 Sports Action Camera for Adventurers

If you’re looking for Gifts for Amateur Photographers, we have just a perfect thing for you. Akaso EK7000 is an impressive action camera. With 12MP and ultra-high resolution, it produces high-quality photos to capture the moment perfectly. The camera comes with the wireless wrist remote which proves to be rather handy in all kinds of situations. Another great thing about this device is a long battery life that allows for quick recharges. The Wi-Fi feature also allows for editing and sharing photos in a few seconds, all you need to do is to download the app on your phone, tablet, or any other tech device, and that’s about it. Pretty amazing, right? Oh, and your daughter will appreciate the waterproof and solid construction, especially if she’s a passionate adventurer who is always looking forward to traveling.



If your daughter is into photography, she is going to love this camera! She'll also love the fact that she can bring this little camera anywhere she goes. It's perfect for outdoor use, so your little traveler can enjoy having it, capturing every moment no matter where the road takes her. We highly recommend Akaso EK700 as a gift!

Dream Come True with Donner DAG-1CB Acoustic Guitar

Those who are looking for gift ideas for 18th birthday girl should consider getting an instrument if they have a musical prodigy in the family. Even if that’s not the case, maybe your child always wanted to play an instrument and never had the chance? This time, we recommend an acoustic guitar coming from Donner. The instrument comes in different sizes and colors, so you get to choose a perfect one for your child. Each one of them is designed to produce a full and vibrant tone, which enables playing different music genres with the same quality output. The package also includes a lot of accessories, so you don’t have to buy anything separately. Your daughter can start practicing as soon as she gets the gift!



If your daughter enjoys music and she always wanted to play guitar, then this is a perfect gift for her. The guitar is well built, durable, and produces quality sound. All in all, it's perfect for beginners and hobbyists.

Hygger Horizon Aquarium Kit to Complement the Room

Now, here’s a unique gift that will leave your daughter speechless! Hygger aquarium comes with a kit that includes all the necessary parts for powering it up. It has an internal power filter pump, the LED light, a decorative 3D background, and mounting brackets. It even has an external controller for adjusting the brightness. The tank itself has a capacity of 8 gallons, which is pretty impressive (you should first check whether it can fit in your daughter’s bedroom). The power filter is super quiet and durable, just like the rest of the tank. We also like the overall design, the slightly curved glass that makes the tank more natural and very beautiful.



This is the perfect way to Surprise Someone with a Gift. If your daughter is in love with nature and animals, she'll enjoy the aquarium a lot. It will bring a part of the ocean in her room and make it more beautiful. We think that is a perfect gift for the 18th birthday!

Harry Potter Books Set #1-7 in Collectible Trunk for Passionate Readers

If your child is a passionate reader, you should make her 18th birthday memorable by getting her the entire book series. We know which one is our favorite, and we sincerely doubt that your daughter would disagree! Harry Potter is a natural and perfect choice. We have a set to recommend, and it includes all 7 books in beautiful covers. In fact, the books are stored in a trunk, a real Harry-Potter-themed trunk that Hogwarts students carry around during the school year. How is that for a gift? Also, buyers are rather satisfied with the quality materials and design of both the trunk and the books.



As we mentioned above, if your child is passionate about reading, the best gift for daughter on her 18th birthday would be a set of books. Maybe Harry Potter wasn't around when you were little, but your daughter must have been obsessing about it for years. You probably remember all of that, so why not bring her back to childhood? Besides, it's a memorable gift that will always remind her about you!

Beautify Vintage Style Storage Trunk to Keep Stuff Organized

We still haven’t run out of unique 18th birthday ideas for girls. Now we have to recommend a vintage style storage trunk that would make a great addition to every girl’s room. It’s perfect for storing towels, clothes, shoes, books, and other things. Considering that you’ll get a set of two trunks, one small and one larger, there’s enough room for all kinds of stuff. The trunk set is available in beautiful pink, gray, and navy blue color, so you can pick the one that your daughter would like the most. Also, you’ll be pleased to know that the set is made of steel and proves to be quite durable.



The Beautify trunk set is just perfect for girls! They can finally use it to store all their stuff, from blankets to favorite books and magazines. The trunks come in beautiful colors to compliment your daughter's bedroom. She'll love them!

Gem Stone King Women’s Bracelet from a Sentimental Dad

The 18th birthday gifts from parents should also include sentimental things that will always remind your child of you. When we say sentimental gifts you probably think about posters, albums, and similar stuff. Sure, you can get all of those things, but we don’t recommend it for the big surprise. It’s your daughter’s 18th birthday, which means you should get something more exciting. We were thinking about this beautiful bracelet we found at Gem Stone King. What amazes us the most about it is an option to choose 5 different birthstones. You can pick wherever stones you like, and the company will make the bracelet of them. Also, we like the sterling silver keychain that looks incredible and proves to be very durable. It’s even adjustable up to 9 inches.



We can't think of a better 18th birthday gift than this wonderful bracelet. With all those birthstones and silver keychain, it's just beautiful. Without a doubt, every girl will be thrilled to have it!

A Memorable Gift from Parents, The Pearl Source Pearl Necklace for Women

If you’re looking for 18th birthday gift ideas for daughter from mom, here’s the perfect one. It’s a pearl necklace that every girl will find just beautiful. The round white cultured pearls are of the AAA quality, measuring 18 inches in length. The necklace also has a quality gold clasp that proves to be very durable. All in all, the necklace is perfect for every occasion, and your daughter will be thrilled with it!



A pearl necklace is a classic and beautiful sentimental gift. It will always remember your daughter off you, and she'll wear it with pride. You can't go wrong with giving it as an 18th birthday gift.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we have a few suggestions to make when it comes to celebrating your daughter’s birthday. Here’s what we have in mind:


So, you’re probably wondering How to Celebrate the 18th Birthday for a Daughter. Throwing a party seems like the best idea. You can organize a small gathering or a big-time party, depending on what you think your daughter would like the most. Either way, it should be fun, especially if you pull off a big-unexpected-surprise thing!

Pro Tip: Make sure to ask your daughter whether she’s comfortable with the party or not. If you want it to be a surprise, you can try a subtle approach that won’t reveal your intentions. You can find some extra tips here: How to Ask Someone What They Want for Their Birthday.

No Party

If your child is not that much into parties, you probably have no clue what to do for the daughter’s 18th birthday. However, we advise you not to stress too much about it. It’s enough to organize a family night, spend some quality time with your daughter during the day or do something special just the two of you. Literally, you can do whatever seems fun, there’s no way she won’t enjoy it. Still, if you need some specific ideas, you can take a look at the following article 13 Fun Ideas on How to Celebrate 16th Birthday Without a Party.


As we mentioned above, it’s crucial to know whether your daughter is comfortable with the entire party-or-no-party idea so make sure to ask her somehow, just to be sure. You probably also want to know whether she’ll love a gift you have for her or not. Asking this question might be a little bit tricky, but you can check out our article on How to Give Hints About a Gift. It might help you out. Also, don’t stress too much about how to give a gift. There are a lot of Creative Ways to Give Birthday Presents, but we think your daughter will be thrilled no matter which one you choose.

Now you’re all set to celebrate your daughter’s special day the way she deserves! Hopefully, our list of 18th birthday gift ideas for daughter from dad made this process easier and more enjoyable for you.







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