Signs He Thinks You’re Beautiful

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  • If you’re thinking to yourself, “does he think I’m pretty, cute?”, we will help you with answers to that question in this article.

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Share of women who considered themselves to be beautiful worldwide 2015-2017. Source: Statista

Share of women who considered themselves to be beautiful worldwide 2015-2017

From the above chart of a survey seen on Statista, an encouraging 60% of women worldwide considered themselves beautiful as of 2017. The numbers could be better, but it is not a bad start.

For women especially, looking and feeling beautiful and/or attractive is a big deal because it is the first thing that gets a guy’s attention. Although of course, it would usually take more than your looks to keep a guy. But for the present let’s talk about the looks bit.

You’re probably asking this question of whether he thinks you’re beautiful because you probably fancy him and you are hoping he finds you pretty and attractive as this is usually the first step to getting a guy to notice you. Maybe he’s been giving you some very confusing signs that he may like you but is hiding his feelings or confusing signs to suggest that he secretly likes you. And now, you are not sure what to make of it.

“Does he fancy me?” “Does he think I’m pretty, cute enough to like me?” All these questions are running circles in your head and it can drive you up the wall trying to figure it all out. You don’t need to wrack your head around the issue anymore. Read on to find the answers that you are looking for.

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How to tell if a guy thinks you’re attractive, pretty, cute – 19 Signs he is mesmerized by you.

When a guy thinks you are attractive, pretty, cute for him and we are not talking about just a fleeting admiration, he would be mesmerized by you and everything about you. He will adore everything about you and worship the ground you walk on. You could do no wrong in his sight. And this is exactly what you are hoping for.

If he shows you half or more of the 19 signs listed below then you can be sure that he is mesmerized by you. If he however shows you only one or two of these signs in isolation, then he is not mesmerized by you.

 He hangs around you a lot and wants to hang out with you a lot.

When a guy is mesmerized by you he would always want to be where you are. He would always suggest that you guys spend time hanging out together. Or he would always give excuses for being around you. He always wants to visit you or drop by.

He hopes that by always being around you he would continue being enraptured by your beauty and attractiveness. Like bees that are drawn to honey, he cannot help himself but be drawn to being around you.

He can’t seem to take his eyes off you.

He can’t help but stare at you when you’re in proximity to him. If you peradventure raise your face you will catch him staring at you and taking in all your features. For the guy who seriously has the hots for you and thinks you are super attractive, he cannot help himself but stare at all parts of your body. He just cannot believe how gorgeous you are and he wants to keep staring to take in all of it.

He’s always looking for an excuse to keep the conversation going.

Should you then choose to indulge him and entertain a little conversation with him, he will do everything he can to extend the conversation and keep it going. He would find things to talk about and questions to keep you engaged in if only to see to it that the conversation does not come to an end.

He compliments you on everything you do and how you look.

A guy who finds you attractive, pretty, cute, and is completely mesmerized by you would compliment everything you do every chance he gets. He will also always compliment your appearance even when you wear the simplest of things. If you make any small change to your looks, he’ll be the first to pick up on it and tell you how good you look.

You are the object of his affection and he cannot help but take note of all aspects of your appearance and what you do too.

He pays rapt attention when you speak.

A guy who is mesmerized by you would want to hear everything you have to say. And when you look at his face you will notice how animated he looks when he is listening to you. And because he is paying such close attention to you and all that you are saying, he would remember even the smallest details of your conversations. You will know this because he will come back to something you said much later when he wants to make conversation with you.

He asks if you want to meet his friends and sometimes his family members.

When a guy is mesmerized by you, he also wants everyone, and especially his friends to know you. He is proud to have you in his life and cannot believe that you would even consider being in it. He would always want to show you off to those that matter to him and usually, he would ask if you wanted to meet them even if for a few minutes.

He initiates contact most of the time.

Is he always calling you most of the time or almost always the first to reach out to you? He can’t go for more than 2 days without talking to you even when you don’t put in as much effort? That is a sure sign that he is mesmerized by you and taken by your beauty/attractiveness.

He takes an interest in your life and wants to know all there is to know about you.

When you get to spend time talking, he is so interested in your life. He is asking you personal questions about your life. And not this alone, he is always asking you what you think about some issues or topical issues.

When a guy does this, be rest assured that he finds you attractive and wants to be sure that there is a depth and substance to you before he can continue in his attraction to you. For guys who do this, they value intelligence a lot more highly than just your looks.

He smiles and/or laughs at everything you say.

When he is mesmerized by you, everything you say suddenly sounds very funny even when it may not necessarily be the case. You will find that he laughs the hardest. Sometimes he would even laugh harder than you do. And then you will also notice that he is always smiling from ear to ear whenever he’s around you. He can’t help himself and this is because he fancies you a lot.

He tells you that you are attractive, pretty, cute.

And in some instances, he will come out clearly to tell you what he thinks about your looks. He would tell you how pretty, cute, beautiful he thinks you look. Sometimes he may do this so effusively. At other times he may be subtle about it and it comes out as indirect compliments or backhanded compliments.

His eyebrows arch when he sees you.

When we see something we find attractive, our pupils would normally widen and our eyebrows arch ever so slightly. The same thing happens with the guy who thinks you’re beautiful when you enter a room where he is. His eyes immediately register your presence and widen and his eyebrow arches. This is the most involuntary sign that we as humans have no control over. So when you see this happen, have no doubts that he thinks you are attractive and/or beautiful.

He’s open with you and finds it easy to talk with you about anything and everything.

When a man is mesmerized by you, he cannot help himself but talk so much around you. You are so easy for him to talk with and he just wants to spill all his heart out to you. When a guy fancies you and thinks you are attractive, he hopes that by telling you all about himself and what he does, you will also find him attractive and maybe consider giving him a chance.

He’s always looking for excuses to want to help you.

A man who is mesmerized by you wants to show you that he is the right man for you. And one sure way of showing you this is by showing you that you can depend on him. And the easiest way to show you this is by always offering to help you with one thing or another.

He always has a look of admiration in his eyes when he looks at or is looking at you.

When a man thinks you are the most gorgeous being he has laid his eyes on, you see it in the way he looks at you. His gaze is extra soft and warm and he just has those puppy eyes. All his facial features soften and are warm and you can see how enchanted and taken by your beauty he is just by looking at his entire facial features and especially his eyes.

He likes touching you and is always looking for an excuse to do so.

Physical contact is another thing a man who finds you attractive cannot help himself with. He is always looking for an excuse to reach out his hands and touch you. He will make these subtle by making them appear as harmless “accidents”. Sometimes, he may actually ask your permission to touch you such as to remove something from your face or other parts of your body.

He likes poking at you and teasing you.

A guy who likes you enjoys playing with you because you bring out his inner child. And one way to achieve this is by constantly poking at you and/or teasing you. He enjoys getting a laugh or reaction out of you because it makes him happy. So rather than get upset, if you like him too, indulge and poke at him too and/or tease him.

In a group, he always singles you out and wants to hear what you have to say all the time.

Being in a group does not stop the guy who is mesmerized by you from still seeking you out. He would either corner you and monopolize you to himself, or he would make it a point to always ask you what you think. He wants to keep you engaged so that your attention is always on him and maybe you can then notice him better or pay more attention to him.

His friends make fun of him when you’re around.

Does it so happen that every time you walk into where he is hanging out with his friends, they begin to make fun of him? They may even make some inside jokes at his expense that you sense has to do with you? When you see this, know that he is definitely mesmerized by you.

And this is because usually when a guy finds a girl really attractive, he cannot keep that fact to himself. He will always tell his guy friends. And so, when you come around, his friends already know he fancies you and they can’t help but make fun of him while you’re there.

He may subtly flirt with you or outrightly flirts with you.

The guy who finds you attractive will always want to be flirtatious with you. He may do this in direct ways or indirectly. Whatever the case, you leave every meeting with him feeling sexier because he will always make flirtatious comments that will leave you feeling lightheaded.

Frequently asked questions.

1. What does it mean when a guy says you’re beautiful?

It means just that – that he sees you as beautiful. However, it is not every time a guy says this that he fancies you or wants something deep or close with you. Some men are generally sweet in nature and have no issues appreciating a woman’s beauty when they see it.

How you know the difference in whether he is saying it matter of factly or because he wants something more, is in the way and tone of voice used. If it is said matter of factly, he would be rather casual about it. But if he is saying it because he fancies you, he would say it a little more softly and warmly.

2. When a guy says you’re beautiful does he mean it?

Yes, he does. Men do not generally go about telling a woman she’s beautiful unless they genuinely mean it.

3. When a man calls a woman beautiful, what does it mean?

It could mean that he is just appreciating her beauty with no strings attached or intentions to have anything romantic to do with her. Or it could mean that he really fancies her and is hoping to take things a step further with her romantically. Like we said in answer to the first question, the tone of voice will determine which one it is.

4. He told me I was beautiful, what does this mean?

It could mean that he is appreciating your beauty with no other interests in pursuing you. Or, he is interested in pursuing you and wants to get your attention by telling you that you are beautiful.

In conclusion.

When he thinks you are beautiful, you will know by seeing almost all of the 19 signs listed in this article. Remember that him showing you one or two of these signs are not enough indicators that he is mesmerized by you or thinks that you are attractive, beautiful, pretty, or cute. He has to show you at least half of these signs or more than half of them.

When you see the signs, it is then up to you to decide whether you want to encourage them or not.





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