13 Worrying Signs Your Husband Isn't in Love with You.

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Number of divorced individuals in the United States in 2019, by age and sex.

A question such as how do you know if your husband doesn’t love you anymore is never an easy question to ask because the truth is no one wants to be in that position or situation. It’s a terrible place to be in. And yet, this happens to some women. It can happen that a husband is not in love with his wife anymore. 

And there is no particular age where this occurs. A survey seen on Statista and reflected in the chart above shows that amongst all age groups, divorce still happens. Although, surprisingly, it appears to steadily rise as couples get older. While the survey does not provide any answers about why this happens to be the case, it could perhaps be because of falling out of love. Sometimes, it happens that the older and longer couples stay together, the higher the chances of one or both of them falling out of love and wanting out of the marriage. And this can especially happen if the couple does not actively work to keep the fire of love and passion burning in the marriage.

If you are tired of speculating about how your husband feels about you, we help you out in this article by showing you how to tell if your husband no longer loves you. We also help you out with what to do when your husband doesn’t want you anymore because he has stopped loving you.

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13 Worrying Signs Your Husband No Longer Loves You.

When your husband doesn’t love you anymore, you will notice that he will give out most if not all these 13 worrying signs.

1. Communication between both of you is now forced and more mechanical than connecting.

The days when you could sit down and talk about anything are now a distant vague memory. Now, you cannot recall when last you had an honest and enjoyable discussion.

The days when you could sit down and talk about anything are now a distant vague memory. Now, you cannot recall when last you had an honest and enjoyable discussion.

He’s either always in a hurry to get away from a conversation or he makes it extremely painful by being monosyllabic, saying nothing except giving an occasional nod here and there. 

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2. He always seems to have an excuse to stay out of the house.

Does it feel like your husband can’t leave the house first enough in the morning? He goes at first light and returns home late without even giving you a heads-up. And to make matters worse, when you call him to find out what is holding him up he doesn’t pick your calls or return them. This can make you lose your temper and get very upset and it doesn’t appear he cares about how it makes you feel. 

He just doesn’t care and stays out for as long as he wants. It appears he wants to be anywhere else but home. They say home is where the heart is. And if your hubby’s heart is no longer in the home and with you in it, he will always find an excuse to stay out of the house.

3. He is always snapping at you for even the tiniest things.

Has he suddenly become extremely irritable at even the smallest things you do? He can’t seem to stand you or the things you do and he seems to snap at you almost all the time? This is no small matter and is one of the worrying indications that the love may slowly be dissipating with your husband. 

4. He doesn’t let you know his whereabouts anymore.

This is another disrespectful thing a husband does when he starts falling out of love with his wife. He no longer has enough regard for her enough to let her know where he is as he used to do in the past. In his mind, there is no need for him to extend her courtesy again because he doesn’t love her anymore.

5. He doesn’t care about how you feel anymore.

When he starts disregarding your feelings and making it a point to show you that he doesn’t have regard for your feelings anymore, you should not doubt the fact that he’s no longer in love with you. It is a painful realization to come to but a man who loves you will always care about how you feel and importantly makes sure he isn’t the reason why you are unhappy.

6. Everything that goes wrong in the house is now suddenly always your fault.

When your husband blames you for everything that goes wrong in the house, that could be another indication that he is starting to have a different feeling towards you and it sure isn’t love. Even when it is clearly his fault, he will somehow still find a way to blame you for it and make you out to be the bad guy. That isn’t a husband that is still in love with you.

7. You can’t even get a compliment out of him anymore.

You can’t remember the last time he complimented you. And that’s because he hasn’t done that in a long while, maybe even months running into a year. Even for couples who have been together for a long time, the husband still compliments his wife now and again when he is still in love with her. But if your husband cannot even notice anymore when you wear that new dress that looks good on you, it is a worrying sign that his affection and love towards you is turning south.

8. Affection and intimacy have as good as disappeared from the home.

You’ve also noticed that your husband is distant and not affectionate anymore. He no longer gives you even something as simple as a passionate and affectionate hug. You may find that even getting a full-mouthed passionate kiss from him has become a task on its own. And when you want to have sex, he almost always has an excuse for why he doesn’t want to have sex and you’re starting to feel like a desperate sex-starved wife. Or if he agrees to have sex, it’s so mechanical it feels soulless and without that deep connection, you used to share in the past.

9. He feels like a stranger to you and it feels like you can’t find the man you fell in love with and married anymore.

And this is the most worrisome of all the signs. When you look at him do you see a complete stranger and someone you cannot understand anymore? He has changed completely and it’s not for the better but the worse. He has become a completely different man from the man you fell in love with and married.

10. He starts treating you with disrespect in public.

Rather than wait for when you get home to talk about what he may not like, he lashes out to you in public. It feels like he’s deliberately trying to embarrass you before everyone with no regard for your dignity and how such embarrassment makes you feel. This is not right and you don’t have to continue taking such disrespectful behavior from him. In our article on What to do when your husband doesn’t respect you you will find helpful tips on what to do in such situations. Be sure to also check it out.

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11. He no longer confides in you and takes decisions without your input.

And when this happens one time too many, you can be sure it is very intentional on his part. He no longer sees you as a partner or an integral part of his life to contribute to his decision-making. This is another telling sign that he’s no longer in love with you.

12. He no longer remembers significant dates and celebrations he used to remember in the past.

This one only becomes something to worry about if he always remembered in the past and all of a sudden appears not to. If he hasn’t been good with remembering such events in the past anyway, then this sign can’t help you in knowing if your husband no longer loves you.

13. Your gut tells you that there is another woman in the picture.

Our gut instincts are given to us to help us sense and stay out of trouble. And if those instincts are telling you that there is another woman that is taking your husband’s affection away from you, your gut instinct is probably right. In most instances when a man falls out of love with his wife, there is almost always a mistress lurking in the corner.

But don’t go in guns blazing just yet if you have this gut feeling. Read our article on What to say to someone who cheated on you to find out how to best proceed. 

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What To Do If Your Husband Doesn’t Love You – 6 Helpful Tips.

Once you have all or most of the signs above, you now know that your husband doesn’t love you anymore. What should you do, you ask yourself. Here are tips on what to do if your husband doesn’t love you.

1. Face the truth squarely if you are still in denial.

Being in denial will only serve to worsen your pain. Accept that your husband is falling out of love with you. What this acceptance does is to get you to stop afflicting yourself and start thinking of strategic and effective ways to handle the situation.

2. Have an honest conversation with your husband about how you feel.

Once you can accept that your husband’s affection towards you is likely dwindling, this will help you in being able to verbalize how you feel to him. Avoid the temptation to antagonize him as this will only serve to put him on the defensive and make the conversation become a heated argument. Rather make it about how you feel and how you’d love to feel better and how he can help make that happen.

3. Actively work towards reigniting the passion and love you once shared.

Having a conversation isn’t enough. As much as your husband is solely responsible for his feelings and how he handles them, this does not mean you should sit back and do nothing. Marriage needs two people to work. 

And so, put in more effort particularly now that it is clear that his affection is dwindling. Take him out for a romantic dinner; surprise him with a romantic holiday getaway and the works. Work towards creating an environment that will spark and reignite both your passions and remind him of why he married you in the first place. 

And if you need help with ideas, we’ve got you covered. Check out our helpful articles on Ideas for a romantic night in a hotel and Romantic evening ideas for married couples.

4. Try counseling/therapy together.

Going for counseling/therapy together as a couple can help in identifying what the underlying issues might be and finding a solution that works for both of you.

5. If none of the above works, consider that you may have to accept that the marriage has reached its end.

If despite your best efforts outlined in numbers 1 to 4 above, your husband is still acting up and being distant, and refusing to meet your efforts halfway, you may have to make the painful decision to throw in the towel. This is because there’s really no point wasting your love where it is not being reciprocated. 

This does not however mean that you should right away get a divorce. It could mean getting separated first to see if it would make your husband realize your importance. And if he remains the same after the separation, then sadly a divorce may be the only answer.

Check out our article on When should you give up on a relationship for more insight. 

6. Once you accept this, sit down with your husband and discuss an amicable separation and/or divorce that would also take into account all interests.

Separation and/or divorce can be quite a messy affair. However, this does not have to be the case if both parties can sit down and talk dispassionately about it before putting the separation into action. We help you out with how you can go about this in our helpful article on Things to consider when ending a long term relationship.

Frequently asked questions.

1. My husband doesn’t love me anymore and it hurts. What can I do?

We are sorry to hear this. Nothing hurts more than not being loved back by the one we love deeply. Knowing how to tackle this problem is never an easy one. You can however try out the 6 tips we listed in the last section of this article and hopefully make some headway.

2. I don’t think my husband loves me. How do I know if my husband stopped loving me? 

Look out for all or most of the 13 signs listed in this article. If you find that he is showing you some, most, or all of them, then sadly it means he doesn’t love you anymore. 

3. I love my husband but he doesn’t love me. What is wrong with my husband?

Only your husband would know why he chose to stop loving you. And the only way to know what his reasons might be would be to ask him in as less confrontational a manner as possible.

4. My husband doesn’t like me and doesn’t want me. What should I do?

There is no point in spending your love where it is no longer being reciprocated. This will only serve to cause you untold emotional hurt and psychological stress. It is better for your well-being to take a step back and reevaluate things.

5. My husband doesn’t spend time with me. Does this mean he no longer loves me?

Depending on what the reasons are why he doesn’t spend time with you, it could mean that he no longer loves you. If however, the reason why he doesn’t spend time with you is due to work engagements and having to work outside town, then it is not a sign that he no longer loves you.

6. Does my husband love me or is he using me?

Check out our helpful article on 19 Positive Signs your husband loves you deeply for ways to know a husband who loves you and isn’t using you.

7. My husband doesn’t want me anymore. What should I do?

There’s no use staying with a husband that has made it clear that he doesn’t want you anymore. 

8. My husband doesn’t love me but won’t leave. What should I do/my husband doesn’t love me but wants to stay together. What should I do?

No one wants to stay in a loveless home. Love infuses positive life and energy into marriage and the home. And thus you don’t want to stay in a home where the husband doesn’t want to bring his needed quota of love. Have a conversation with him and make it clear that the only way staying together will work is if he is ready to start loving you again. And if he isn’t ready to do so, then there’s no point staying together.


Marriage is ideally supposed to last till death do us part. Sadly, it can happen that somewhere along the line, the husband is no longer in love with his wife. And when this happens, the marriage becomes tense and unbearable. 

Knowing the signs your husband no longer loves you early enough will help in knowing early enough what to do if your husband doesn’t love you anymore. And this article helps out with both. Once you identify any or all of the 13 signs listed in this article, you can then set in motion the 6 tips listed to tackle the problem.





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