29 Things to Argue About for Fun

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  • Hilarious debate topics/funny topics to argue about.
  • Funny controversial opinions.
  • Controversial topics to talk about.
  • Popular debate topics.
  • Interesting debatable questions.
  • Hot debate topics.
  • Things to debate about with friends.
  • Light hearted debate topics.
  • Important topics to discuss.

Interest in watching Clinton vs. Trump debates in the U.S. 2016

From funny subjects like why Game of Thrones is the best show of all time, to uncommon controversial topics like whether Trump was a good president, down to downright silly debates like why are cats better than dogs, we all love engaging in fun arguments and hilarious debate topics.

Engaging in debates and fun arguments are not only intellectually rewarding and stimulating, but they are also a great way to bond and build good friendships. This article is a complete compendium of just about anything to argue for fun as well as being a good one stop destination for ideas for debates.

The topics covered in this article are as follows:

  • Hilarious debate topics/funny topics to argue about.
  • Funny controversial opinions.
  • Controversial topics to talk about.
  • Popular debate topics.
  • Interesting debatable questions.
  • Hot debate topics.
  • Things to debate about with friends.
  • Light hearted debate topics.
  • Important topics to discuss.

4 Hilarious debate topics/funny topics to argue about.

Looking for funny topics to argue about? These 4 hilarious debate topics are as funny as it gets.

1. Whether men gossip more than women.

We will not take any views on this lol but you can be sure that it will elicit as many laughs as it does arguments about who gossips more than the other. Men will never agree that they gossip more than women, but who says they are not bigger gossips than women right?

Men will never agree that they gossip more than women, but who says they are not bigger gossips than women right

May the more convincing side win is all we’d say lol.

2. Whether tall men are better lovers than short or medium-height men.

Hahaha. This one is another hilarious one that might be touchy if you have a short or medium-height guy around when this debate is going on. Let’s face it, women generally are drawn to tall men first by default, and only too short or medium-height men last. But maybe your short or medium-height friend has convincing arguments to the contrary.

3. Whether all blondes are blonde.

We all know the popular classic rom-com, Legally Blonde, which supports this proposition. Be sure you don’t have any friend who is blonde around while you have this debate or you may have to find yourself defending keeping the friendship lol.

4. Cake is a better dessert than ice cream.

Well, the jury is still out on this one but of course, you and your arguing partner(s) may have different or similar views on which of the two is a better dessert.

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3 Funny controversial opinions.

There are as many controversial topics as there are people. These 3 are however our favorite because they are uncommon controversial topics that are also funny.

5. Tall people are luckier than short people in finding love quicker.

You may agree or disagree. Should it really matter right? Why should height even come into the question of who finds love quicker? These and so many other sub-questions will come out of a controversial opinion such as this one.

6. It’s better to be good-looking and not smart than be smart and not good-looking.

This opinion may appear superficial at first glance until you really think about it. With one’s looks, it’s almost impossible to alter it unless of course, you want to go the plastic surgery and/or botox route. Whereas, if you have your looks and are short in being smart, you can read, learn, and do all that you need to upskill yourself in the area(s) of deficiency. So, perhaps one is better than the other right? Lol. Anyway, have a go at it with your friends and any other person you think it will be fun to argue with.

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7. Men generally make better leaders than women.

Okay, this one is a rather touchy one that may not go down very well with feminists who may likely bite your head off for holding such an opinion. So best to be sure of your audience before voicing this controversial opinion out.

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4 Controversial topics to talk about.

Here are 4 uncommon controversial topics that would be very engaging to discuss in any setting.

8. The legal age for voting should be decreased to 16.

Currently, the legal age of voting in the United States is 18 years of age. It is certainly debatable whether or not we need to retain this as the age for voting with an increasing demography of young persons who should also have their say in how the country they live in should be governed. And of course, not everyone would agree but it is an important conversation we should start having. And that is what makes this one of our favorite controversial topics to talk about because it is both controversial and important.

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9. The age of consent to sex should be increased to tally with the age of adulthood.

The age of consent to sex varies across the 50 States but is within the ranges of 16 to 18. While the age of being an adult ranges between 18 and 21 depending on the State. But why should the age of consent be different from the age the law considers you an adult right? If you cannot be trusted to make choices until you have attained a certain age, why should that not also apply to having sex? You’re probably reading that and thinking “absolutely not!” lol, whereas someone else may read that and think “hell yeah!” hahaha. Whatever side of the fence you fall on, you would agree that it is an exciting controversial topic to talk about.

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10. Exams are overrated for the current educational environment.

And all the students said “amen” hahaha. Well, we are almost certain that at least 70% of students will agree with this. But seriously, are exams still a good way to measure competence and intelligence? This is the hot and burning question and one that would certainly make for a good controversial topic to talk about.

11. Which is a better season between summer and winter.

There isn’t consensus on this issue, surprisingly. Some people enjoy winter while others love summer and everyone holds very strong opinions about why the season they love is the best. And that is why this is another one of our favorite controversial topics to talk about.

3 Popular debate topics.

These 3 popular debate topics have most likely made the round many times in your circles and would never grow out of fashion to talk about.

12. The age at which children should be allowed to have cellphones.

With technology advancing at a dizzying rate, this issue remains topical. Some parents see no issue with having their 5-year old have a computer or cellphone. Others may think that children should only start getting exposed to cellphones from as late as 16 years old. There isn’t a correct or wrong approach per se. So why not have fun debating the pros and cons of each approach.

13. Whether planet earth has any endpoints.

This goes back to the question of whether the world is square as the famous classic cartoon character, Pecola used to say, or whether it is round. Who knows, maybe it is even oblong lol. You and your friends can wear your science hearts and figure this one out lol.

14. The existence of aliens and life forms on other planets.

We’ve all seen those videos on YouTube claiming to have seen UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) in our atmosphere. Those debates are still as popular even till now.

2 Interesting debatable questions.

15. Traveling by sea is the most environmentally beneficial means of travel.

This idea was in recent times pioneered by the Swedish teenager, Greta Thurnberg who shocked the world when she decided to travel to the United States by sea instead of by flying. She did this because she believed it would save the environment. Do you think she is right? You and your crew and have a go at this interesting debatable question.

16. Whether the customer is always right.

We’ve always heard the catchy phrase about the customer always being right. But is this always correct? This is another interesting debatable question that would be engaging and enjoyable.

3 Hot debate topics – ideas for debates.

Political topics are always hot debate topics. The following political topics are big debate topics that make for good hot debate topics and will always generate heated and enjoyable discourse.

17. America should build a wall on the Mexico border.

This was one of the many hot and controversial policies of the former President, Donald J. Trump. He had his reasons for this policy which deeply divided Americans. You want to know who the die-hard Donald Trump fans are, make this your topic for debate and you will get everyone so psyched up.

18. The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan at this time was a terrible idea and poorly executed.

This is another subject that deeply divided Americans with many seeing it as about time America left Afghanistan, while others believe it could have been better executed. Which side of the debate do you fall on? Whatever side you take, be sure you have enough substance to defend it or you may leave the debate feeling very flustered.

19. The Democratic Party or Republican Party has produced the best presidents in the history of the United States.

Debates about which of the two dominant parties in American politics is the best thing to happen to America is as old as America’s civilization and it continues to generate heated debates. In some cases, it even divides friends and family members. If you’re still looking for hot debate topics, it doesn’t get any better than this topic.

3 Things to debate about with friends.

20. Pet preference between cats and dogs.

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Friends usually have a go at this question and it will make for a good conversation with your friends.

21. The best way to pronounce the word “GIF”.

Very funny. This one is for the goofs and laughs and a good bonding time with your fellas.

22. Whether lying to a friend can ever be acceptable.

You should probably pay close attention to how all your friends speak to this topic because it is also a revealer of which of your friends may likely lie and betray your trust.

4 Light hearted debate topics.

And of course, there are those times you just want light hearted debate topics that wouldn’t have your blood pressure rising. Try out any of these 4 light hearted debate topics.

23. Playing video games is good for one’s health.

Do you agree hehe? For lovers of video games, they would be very happy to tell you a dozen reasons why video games are good for you.

24. There are more women than men in the whole world.

This is another interesting one that is backed up by some studies. The fact that it is backed up by studies doesn’t mean that it can’t still be the subject of a light hearted debate.

25. Tap water is better than table water.

This is another interesting one that will generate some light hearted debate.

26. The American accent is better than the British accent any day.

Well, not necessarily if we’re being honest right? Because who doesn’t love that British accent hehe. But because we love our American accent, let’s just agree that ours is the best hehe.

3 Important topics to discuss.

What would be an important topic to discuss will depend on the context of the conversation and the nature of the interaction and relationship the parties having the conversation have with each other. Generally, the following broad topics are important topics to discuss depending on the occasion and environment.

27. Values and principles.

Values and principles are the chords that bind everything and everyone together. It is an important topic to discuss depending on the context of the conversation so that you identify whether the relationship is one you want to pursue for instance.

28. Likes and dislikes; interests and hobbies.

This is another important topic to discuss in identifying people that are a good fit for you both professionally and otherwise.

29. Dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Discussing goals, and aspirations also gets you to find people who share the same aspirations as you do.

Frequently asked questions.

1. What are some stupid things to argue about?

Nothing is stupid to argue about because the subject means something to the person talking about it. And this is why it would be insensitive to tell someone that what they were arguing about was stupid.

2. Are there any pointless debate topics?

There are also no pointless debate topics because with everything we talk about there is something to be gleaned or learned. 

3. What are some good discussion topics for college students?

The topics in this article are also good discussion topics for college students.

4. What can you recommend as debate topics for high school students?

The topics in the popular debate topics and controversial topics to talk about would excite high school students.

5. How about good online debate questions?

All the topics in this article can be used for online debate questions.

6. Do you have any great ideas for debates?

The topics in this article are all great ideas for debates.

  • 7. Do you know any good non political debate topics?

Apart from the topics in the hot debate topics section, you can have a go at any topic in this article as good non political debate topics.


Fun arguments are a good way to bond with friends and colleagues. With the varied list we have provided in this article it will never be a dull moment and you will not easily run out of things to argue about for fun.





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