What To Get Your Boyfriend For 1 Year Anniversary

What to Get Your Boyfriend for 1 Year Anniversary | 21 Perfect Gifts.

  • Don’t know what to get your boyfriend for a one year anniversary gift, don’t worry about it. You will find a perfect one year anniversary gift for your boyfriend in this article.

You made it to the one year mark in your relationship. Yaay. Congratulations. It’s exciting, isn’t it! We are also excited for you, and that is why we have gone high and low to find you the best gifts to give him to mark the milestone occasion in your relationship. If you’re looking for a priceless boyfriend gift for your 1 year anniversary celebration, or maybe you prefer something cute and sentimental or a good old cheesy boyfriend gift. Whatever your taste and preference, we gat ya covered. We have the best selection of gifts to get your boyfriend for 1 year anniversary.

And always remember, whatever gift you pick from our list, giving it creatively and as a spontaneous surprise will make it extra special for him, especially if he may not be expecting it. If you don’t have a lot of ideas on how to do it, that’s what we are here for. Why not check out our helpful and resourceful article on Creative ways to give a gift to your boyfriend for great tips and ideas. And if you don’t have anniversary celebration ideas, our other resourceful article on Inexpensive one year anniversary date ideas can help you out too.

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Quick Overview: What To Get Your Boyfriend For Your One Year Anniversary

7 Perfect Personalized anniversary gift for boyfriend.

Personalized gifts are always extra special because of their personal touch. An anniversary is especially deserving of a gift with a personal touch and that is why any of these personalized gifts are the best 1st anniversary gift for your boyfriend.

1. Comic Custom Portrait Of Couple In Love.

This is one of the best personalized 1 year anniversary gifts you can give your boyfriend. It is so minimalist yet says more than a thousand words. What we absolutely adore about this gift is that the picture is re-drawn as comic characters, and that is pretty dope. This is one gift that will melt his heart and that you can’t go wrong with. The only downside with this pretty gift is that it isn’t framed. You will need to print it off for yourself and frame it.


  • Customers are very happy with the extra mile the manufacturer goes in ensuring that the picture comes out perfectly.
  • The picture is hand-drawn as comic characters.
  • You choose the message you want to be written on the picture.
  • You receive the final picture in a digital format.


  • It is pricey.
  • It does not come framed. You get it in a digital format and have to print and frame it.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is one product that customers love very much. What makes it unique and different is that they perfectly draw your selected picture as comic characters and that is what will also make your boyfriend love it.

2. First Anniversary Map Heart Framed Art.

If you are looking for a framed personalized gift without a picture, and that is perfect, then this is the gift option for you. The beauty of this personalized frame is in how you get to choose which areas of a map that you want to depict on it. You can choose the place where you both met and fell in love, or any other place in America or the world that means something to both of you. And unlike the first gift, this one comes framed.


  • You can customize it with your names and the date of your anniversary.
  • You get to choose the part of the map you want to be drawn on it.
  • It comes in a shadow box frame.
  • Customers love that it arrived in one piece even though the cover is made of glass.
  • Customers were also very pleased with the overall quality of the gift.


  • The customer ratings and reviews on this gift at the time of writing was a consistent 5-star.

Product summary and our recommendation.

You can be confident that your boyfriend will love this 1st anniversary gift very much and will display it prominently where everyone can see it.

3. Love Grows Personalized Canvas with Names and Anniversary Date.

For lovers of trees and nature-inspired frames, you will love this personalized frame very much. If you’re also looking for a frame that doesn’t have a picture but is stretched out and ready to be hung, then you’ll also love this beautiful personalized 1st anniversary gift for your boyfriend. It is a beautiful wall art that says love lives here and in such a natural environment. Your boyfriend will love this because it will also light up whatever space he hangs it up in.


  • It is very minimalist yet rich.
  • It is stretched out and ready to be hung.
  • It is personalized with both your names and the date of your anniversary.
  • It is made in the U.S.


  • One customer complained that there was a dent on the side of the canvas they received.

Product summary and our recommendation.

Overall, this is another gift that you can’t go wrong with.

4. Personalized 1 Year Anniversary Sign.

The appeal of this personalized sign is the mathematical calculations on it. The calculations make the impact of a successful 1 year felt more strongly. The only downside with it is that the large fonts may make a small room appear a little crowded. It would work best in a bigger room where it won’t appear so larger than life.


  • It is personalized with your names and anniversary year.
  • It measures 8.5inch by 11inch.
  • The printing is sharp and in high-definition.
  • Customers love it very much.


  • The prints are a little too large.
  • A lady may appreciate it more than a guy because it is not minimalist.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is not a bad gift but be sure your boyfriend is not the type that loves simple yet rich. If he is, then much rather go for any of the first three personalized pictures.

5. Personalized Couple Canvas.

We love this gift because it is a blown-out picture of two lovebirds on a stretched out canvas. If you and your boyfriend love big picture frames then ditch the picture frame and go for this beautiful blown out picture canvas of both of you. Choose the cutest picture of both of you that he also loves and make his day with this gift.


  • Your picture is printed on a stretched canvas and ready to be hung.
  • The canvas dimension is 32 x 1.5 x 48 inches.
  • The printing is clear.
  • It is made in the U.S.


  • The orientation is in portrait form only.

Product summary and our recommendation.

Create a memorable picture that will not fade away and will always be a reminder of your love.

6. 1 Year Our Story So Far Photo album Scrapbook.

A perfect way to capture all your moments together in your 1 year together. The beauty of this gift is that you get to put as much as 25 – 40 pictures inside because it comes with 25 pages. And because it is a scrapbook, you also get to write what you love about each picture memory next to each photo. And the inscription of 1 year in front of it leaves no doubt that it is to celebrate your 1 year together. He would be so blown away by the effort you put into this gift and will love you all the more.


  • You get to put pictures and also write your personalized messages on it.
  • The paper quality is great.
  • Most customers loved the wood finishing of the front cover.
  • Once filled up, it will be very touching and sentimental.


  • Some customers were not pleased with the wood quality.
  • Some customers also complained that it was not easy to close.

Product summary and our recommendation.

Having all the pictures you have with your boyfriend in one beautiful book and giving it to your boyfriend will melt his heart and show him just how far you have both come. The customer satisfaction on the gift convinces us that it is a worthy purchase.

7. Personalized Anniversary Calendar Photo Keychain.

We are in love with this one of a kind keychain. It is not your ordinary keyring but a keyring with a difference, and one that your boyfriend will love having with him all the time. It comes with a calendar that specifically has the month and date of your anniversary, and then a cute picture of the two of you on its reverse side. There is no doubt that he will love it very much.


  • It comes with a calendar of your anniversary date and picture.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It is cute, beautiful, and sentimental.


  • The picture may scratch off after some time.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is the perfect keychain for your boyfriend to carry his keys with. He will also be carrying you with him everywhere he goes.

Another cool 1-year anniversary keychain that is also pretty is this 1 Down and Forever To Go Keychain, although it isn’t personalized.

3 Good one year anniversary gift for boyfriend.

And sometimes, you may not need to give a gift that says “1 year anniversary”, but still makes a statement that says “I love you”. And these 3 gifts are just the perfect selection of good one year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend.

8. Atlas Bronze World Globe Whiskey Decanter.

This awe-inspiring and show-stopping decanter is a one-of-a-kind gift your boyfriend cannot resist if he loves his whiskey, cognacs, and the likes. It is not your usual whiskey set and shows the Atlas god carrying the celestial vault on his shoulders.


  • It is a beautiful novelty gift.
  • It comes with a whiskey decanter and two whiskey glasses.
  • The whiskey decanter and glasses have the globe/map of the world etched on them.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It is also a beautiful decorative piece.


  • The whiskey decanter and glasses are fragile.

Product summary and our recommendation.

Customers cannot get over this show-stopping gift and your boyfriend will be over the moon when he opens his anniversary gift.

9. Cute Retro Passionate Couple Tabletop Sculpture.

This sculpture is one of those very bold works of art that would have your boyfriend speechless. If your boyfriend is a lover of art and sculptures, you can be sure he will be very taken by it.


  • It makes a bold statement of your passionate love for each other.
  • It is a very beautiful decorative piece.
  • It is sturdy and would sit well on any flat surface.
  • It is made of high-quality wood.


  • It is pricey but worth every cent.
  • A very reserved and conservative boyfriend may not like it very much.

Product summary and our recommendation.

Your boyfriend will be flattered very much by this gift. It’s a gift that says “we’re passionate lovers and are not afraid to show it.”

10. Passionate Kiss Iron Sculpture.

If you wanted a sculpture that is a little more toned down than the earlier sculpture but still perfectly shows your love for each other and is not as pricey, this is the gift item for you. This one would be loved by both the conservative and liberal boyfriend. The color of the sculpture is also perfect for any place where it is placed. If you love sculptures that show a couple kissing in the rain then you will also like this Couple Kissing Under Umbrella Sculpture.


  • It is made of quality cast iron.
  • It is a beautiful decorative piece.
  • It is sturdy.


  • Some customers complained that it came with sharpie marks.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is another 1st anniversary gift your boyfriend will love very much and gladly use to decorate his favorite table at work or home.

If your boyfriend prefers cast-bronze then go for this Passionate Kiss Contemporary Sand-Casted Bronze Sculpture instead.

3 Creative one year anniversary gift for boyfriend.

When it comes to a gift that is a little more creative than the usual conventional gift items, then you can’t go wrong with any of these 3 creative one year anniversary gifts.

11. Anniversary Explosion Gift Box for Him.

This beautiful gift scores many brownie points for what it comes with. It is an explosion box of 13 of your best couple pictures and hidden inside is a box with any goodie of your choosing from Amazon, whether it’s a sweet bar of chocolate or any other gift of your choosing. And the coolest thing is that the box once opened becomes a magnetic picture frame.


  • The box is customized with 13 of your best couple’s pictures.
  • It becomes a magnetic picture frame once opened.
  • You get to hide a small gift of your choosing in the surprise box hidden inside.
  • It is made in the U.S.


  • The box hidden inside is small and cannot take any big gifts.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is one gift that will surely melt your boyfriend’s heart. It is also cool that it becomes a magnetic picture frame that can be put on a place like a fridge door.

12. Bamboo Wooden I Love You Card.

This is not your traditional or usual card, and that is what makes it very creative. It is made out of bamboo wood and comes with a very simple yet powerful message.


  • It is made of bamboo wood.
  • It is simple yet rich.
  • It is sturdy and can stand on any flat surface.


  • Some customers said that you couldn’t write easily on it.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is a pretty novelty gift, but the customer reviews on it make it a doubtful purchase. We will recommend purchasing this as a last resort. Or if you must, purchase it together with another more durable and cool gift like one of the iron sculptures earlier mentioned.

13. Lucky to Be in Love Romantic Picture Frame for Boyfriend.

We love this picture frame because it is timeless. Even after your 1 year anniversary, it will remain useful. The wooden finish of the frame also gives it a classy look that will give any surface it is placed on a lift.


  • The frame is made of quality wood.
  • It can stand on a tabletop or be mounted.
  • You can customize it with your favorite picture of you and your boyfriend.
  • Most customers loved how it looked when they received it.


  • One customer complained that the panel at the back didn’t stay on for very long.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is another wonderful gift that your boyfriend will love.

4 Cute one year anniversary gift for boyfriend.

Turn up the mushy with any of these cute one year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend.

14. Love Story Ultra Plush Velvet Throw Blanket.

Everyone needs a blanket and everyone loves an extra soft warm blanket. When you add a lovely message to that blanket for the one you love, it makes it an extra special blanket. And that is what this blanket will be to your boyfriend.


  • The blanket is warm, plush, and cozy.
  • It has a cute love message written on it.
  • It is machine-washable.


  • There are no negative reviews of this gift item at the time of writing.

Product summary and our recommendation.

One customer who bought this for her boyfriend as a gift said he loved it very much, and you can be sure that your boyfriend will love it too.

15. 1 Year Later Still Nuts About You Anniversary T-Shirt.

He will love showing off in this T-shirt because he wants the world to know how crazy about him you are. This is another pretty cute gift to show him how much your anniversary means to you.


  • It has a cute anniversary message.
  • It comes in 5 colors.
  • It has sizes up to 3XL.
  • It is machine-washable.


  • Customers love this gift very much.

Product summary and our recommendation.

Your boyfriend will love this casual wear T-shirt very much. The two peanuts used on it makes it so very cute.

16. Lovers Cups Wine Tumbler Set.

This cute set is for you and your boyfriend to always remind you of one another even when you are some miles apart.


  • It is a set of 2 wine tumblers.
  • It retains the temperature of the contents inside.
  • Both cups are printed with cute love messages for a couple.


  • The message is printed on only one side.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is a cute him and her gift to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of your love.

17. Anniversary Sundial Compass with Special Engraved Message for Him.

This beautiful anniversary sundial is another cutie for him to decorate his tabletop with. The beauty of this sundial is that it does not specify which anniversary, and this makes it a timeless anniversary gift that he can always use as a tabletop decoration.


  • The engraving is clear and beautiful.
  • The anniversary message is sweet and thoughtful.
  • It is sturdy and can sit on any tabletop.
  • It can also be used outdoors.
  • It is beautiful.
  • It comes in a gift box.


  • Some customers were not happy that it came with smudges.

Product summary and our recommendation.

It is a beautiful and cute gift to buy for your boyfriend. The many positive customer reviews on it convince us that it will be a worthwhile gift to purchase.

3 More perfect one year anniversary gift for boyfriend.

More anniversary gifts to consider include these 3 perfect one year anniversary gifts.

18. I Love You More I Love You Most Jigsaw Puzzle Wall Decor.

This canvas is unique and different. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that you have to put it together because it comes as a jigsaw puzzle. How cool is that?! This makes it a remarkably cool gift because you can use it for bonding time with your boyfriend.


  • It’s a cool jigsaw puzzle kit for lovers.
  • It comes in a durable canvas finishing.
  • It can be dismantled and put together easily.


  • It is pricey.
  • It does not come framed.

Product summary and our recommendation.

Think of this as a lover’s jigsaw puzzle and you will see the world of fun it is for you and your boyfriend.

19. Personalized Engraved RFID Wallet.

Men love their wallets and that is why you can’t go wrong with this gift. And this is a wallet with a difference – it comes with your sweet and thoughtful message of love to your boyfriend. Every time he takes it out, it reminds him of you. And the last icing on top is that it is an RFID wallet, and therefore extra secure.


  • It is customized with your boyfriend’s name and your message.
  • It is an RFID wallet.
  • The wallet has many pockets.
  • It is made from split cow leather.


  • One customer said the pockets are too big. This is however an advantage if your boyfriend has plenty to carry on him.

Product summary and our recommendation.

What better wallet to give your boyfriend on your anniversary than this one which is plenty roomy and still comes with a sweet love message on it too.

20. Personalized Anniversary Watch For Him.

This is another perfect gift for him because men also love their watches. This stylish piece is also engraved with a very sweet love message for him behind it. He will love wearing it all the time.


  • The watch comes with a beautiful love message engraved behind it.
  • It is stylish and wears well.
  • Most customers love its classy look and said it doesn’t look cheap.


  • One customer said the band came off but that company quickly replaced it with one that was in good shape.

Product summary and our recommendation.

He will love this watch very much that it will become one of his favorite fashion accessories.

1 Funny one year anniversary gift for boyfriend.

We couldn’t resist this last gift we just had to throw it in. It’s a ball of laughter rolled up as toilet paper (lol).

21. Funny Happy First Anniversary Toilet Paper.

If your boyfriend doesn’t burst out in laughter when he sees this gift then he has to win the award for the most uptight boyfriend ever (lol). No one can resist how ridiculously cute and funny this gift item is. But of course, don’t just buy him this as the only anniversary gift, or we won’t blame him for not laughing (lol).


  • The message on it is funny.
  • It is a cute gag gift.
  • It is a 2-ply toilet paper.


  • Customers have said the toilet paper quality is not the best.

Product summary and our recommendation.

It’s the perfect gag anniversary gift.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for our anniversary, what can you suggest?

Any or all of the 21 gifts listed in this article will be perfect 1st anniversary gifts for your boyfriend.

2. What is a good anniversary gift for my boyfriend?

Any gift from any of the categories in this article will be a good anniversary gift for your boyfriend.

And Finally!

Your first anniversary is your first relationship milestone. Buy him any or some of the gifts in our collection and you will have a very happy boyfriend on your hands. Congratulations once more, and we wish you many more love-filled years together.







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