How to Make Time Go by Faster at Work - 15 Ways to Speed up Time at Work

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We don’t have a time machine to help you out the next time that happens but we can show you how to make time go by faster at work and indeed anywhere else if you apply the same strategies in this article.

For instance, some of these strategies could also show you how to make school go by faster or how to make time go faster when waiting for something.

Objectively speaking there are no ways to make time go faster but that’s the thing, scientists have proven that time is both objective and subjective. It is objective in the fact that the seconds cannot be made to go faster, they move at the same rate, always.

Time is also subjective however because the human perception of time can be altered. In several experiments, it has been shown that there are several situations that people can be put in that would either slow down or speed up time in their minds.

Time is also subjective however because the human perception of time can be altered. In several experiments, it has been shown that there are several situations that people can be put in that would either slow down or speed up time in their minds.

In this article, we will discuss some of those situations and ways to speed up time in your mind so that it would appear that time is moving faster even though it is as constant as the timeless quality of a Michael Jackson album.

1. Don’t take sleep for granted

One way to make time pass at work is to target the reasons you want the day to go by faster and one of those is that you might be tired from not sleeping enough.

As shown by this chart from the World Economic Forum, a lack of sleep can significantly affect your efficiency at work in a negative way.

Does sleep deficit cause these problems_

It is therefore important that you get sufficient sleep at night of around 8 hours. This will ensure that you go to work rejuvenated and ready to take on the world instead of tired and constantly looking at the clock waiting for the day to end so that you can go home and rest.

2. Update yourself

A quick lesson on how to make an hour go by fast at work is to update yourself as soon as you get to work.

Get on the internet or get a newspaper and find out what has been going on in the world. Find out about new developments in your industry and find out updates on other things that interest you.

So long as this does not stand in the way of your actual work, it is a great way to begin the day and pass time effectively.

3. Avoid daydreaming and distractions

Do you want to know how to make time go by faster in class or at work? Avoid distractions.  

A lot of the time when we want time to move faster, we become fixated on what we would rather be doing instead of what we are supposed to be doing.

This makes us unproductive and inefficient. You should try your best to focus on the task at hand to complete it or make significant progress.

As you work on the project more and more, time will keep passing by and before you know it, the workday will be over because productivity makes time move faster.

Here are ways to keep yourself busy at work.

4. Stop looking at the time

If you want to make go by fast at work, you are not doing yourself any favors by constantly looking at the time to see how far it has gone.

You are teasing yourself and it will not work. You need to remove your eyes from anything that tells time and focus on other things because according to experts, looking at the clock can slow down time in our minds.

5. Make your working area comfortable and organized

When we are physically uncomfortable at work, it is expected that we would look forward to work ending. Another perspective on how to make time pass at work, therefore, is to try to make your work area more comfortable.

If you can, get an ergonomic chair to support your back but if you can’t, you can also practice sitting with a correct posture to reduce back pain.

You should also adjust your chair to a table length that would support your hands and elbows and finally, ensure that your working environment is organized because psychologically speaking, an organized environment inspires more work than a disorganized one.

6. Find a productive hobby

You can make time move faster at work by finding a hobby that would improve your skill set and what you have to offer if you find that you have some spare time at work.

For instance, you could sign up for a professional course, you could learn a new language, you could find out more about the history of your country or others, etc.

This is one of the better ways of making time go faster at work because it involves improving yourself which can lead to you being promoted at work. By both passing time and doing this, you would be killing two birds with one stone.

7. Do the work task that you enjoy

There will always be tasks that we enjoy more than others so if you want to know how to make time go by faster at work, an easy way is to do more of the things that you love to do at work.

If possible, you can ask your boss to assign more of those tasks to you or you could offer to help another co-worker who is handling those tasks in exchange for them handling some of your tasks. Just be sure that you can trust that they will do a good enough job before making such an offer.

If you can accomplish this, you would have figured out how to skip time because when we do the things that we love, time seems to pass us by pretty fast.

8. Listen to some jams

This is one of the best ways to make time go faster at work if your workplace is the type that allows you to listen to music.

You could listen to some relaxing music between tasks so your brain can rest a little before the next task. You can also listen to some songs whilst working so long as it does not distract you from work.

Experts say that you can start with slower songs in the morning when you have more energy and progress to faster, more upbeat songs as the day goes by to keep you motivated.

You could also listen to podcasts or audio documentaries to make time go quicker if that is more to your liking.

9. Plan your workday

You can make time pass quickly by planning out your day before you get to work. By apportioning different tasks to different times, you know precisely what you are to be doing at a certain time so you can keep busy the whole day rather than simply wishing for the day to end.

You could organize the easier tasks first and then move onto the more time-consuming ones as the day goes on so that you can get a lot of work done without feeling overwhelmed.

Planning your day not only allows you to pass time, but it is also one of the quickest ways to work effectively as it ensures that you accomplish various tasks.

10. Plan your day after work

You can also make time pass faster at work by planning the rest of your day, week, and/or weekend.

The benefit of this is that instead of just finding a way to make your day go faster, you can also find out how to make the week go faster by planning out your movements and activities for the next week and including things to do to pass time at home that will rejuvenate you.

And if your boss complains about this, convince them that your time management is good for the company as it means that you will be able to get work done on time.

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11. Change your environment

Make time fly at work by getting inspiration from a change of environment. You might be looking forward to time going faster because your environment is uninspiring and you might not even know it.

You could also be in a place that constantly reminds you that time is not moving fast enough because it has a big clock in the middle of the room for instance.

Speed up time by going to another part of the office such as the library, a conference room, or even another cubicle if possible. The newfound inspiration might push you to work without worrying about the time so that you can both be productive and pass time simultaneously.

12. Take a break

One of the best ways to pass time is to give yourself a break within which you can walk around a little bit and stretch your body. You can go get a snack or just walk around the building and outside if you can.

A 5 – 10 mins break should suffice so as not to disrupt your work and get you into trouble with the brass and if you are not allowed these breaks, you should endeavor to take full advantage of your lunch break.

These breaks are also a great time to socialize with coworkers so long as they don’t mind it. You can even plan things to do outside the office with them. Social connections are very important in the workplace so you should try to forge them whenever you can.

13. Call a team meeting or attend one in another department

You can call a meeting with coworkers to find out how to make time go by faster at work. Just kidding. But you can call a meeting with coworkers as a way to make time go faster.

During the meeting, you can discuss recent projects and new ideas to push the company forward. You can plan events and have general discussions about the industry.

In case you cannot or would rather not call a meeting, you can attend a meeting by another department in your company – if company policy allows – so that you can learn more about the other things that your company does.

14. Track your accomplishments

Giving yourself the motivation to work will inspire you to work harder and make time seem to go faster.

You can give yourself that motivation by taking note of your accomplishments so far that day. Experts say that reminding yourself of the tasks that you have accomplished can encourage you to keep working and in doing so, you will forget about the time until you make it through the day.

15. Learn more about your job and competition

Instead of looking at the time and wishing the seconds went by faster, you could research more about the company’s competition. You could find out what new things they are doing so that you could implement them in your company as well.

Researching the competition can also give you further insight into the requirements of your job so that you can be a better employee/employer and as you get lost in the research, you won’t even realize where all the time went.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I speed up time at work?

  • Focus on the task at hand
  • Don’t look at the time
  • Find a productive hobby to do such as learning a new language
  • Focus on the tasks that you like
  • Listen to music
  • Update yourself on current affairs and developments in your industry.

2. How can I make my 8 hour shift go faster?

  • Plan your workday so you can organize your tasks in such a way that you can be productive during the day and forget about time passing.
  • Plan for what you’ll do after work
  • Take short breaks to rejuvenate yourself
  • Organize your working area so you can be more comfortable there
  • Listen to music

3. Why does time go by so slow at work?

As much as time is objective, the way we perceive it is subjective and based on our experiences.

When we are at work, especially with work we don’t like, we believe that time is slow because we do not like our current experiences, and because of this, we are acutely aware of time as it goes by because we cannot wait to move on from work.

When we are having fun, however, we disregard time and focus on the activities we are engaged in such that it appears that time went by faster.

Closing remarks

Work can be tedious such that you cannot wait for it to end but you can engage in certain activities that would make the experience more bearable.

You can find a productive hobby to engage in or you can take short breaks to rejuvenate. You can also take the time to plan out your week as well as update yourself on current affairs.

Don’t forget to get a good night’s rest so that you can wake up more energized and motivated as this goes a long way in ensuring that you are productive at work which would give the impression of time passing by quickly.





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