Undeniable Signs a Man Is Emotionally Connected to You

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  • Find out if your man is emotionally invested and/or emotionally attracted to you in this article. And if you want to know how to get a man emotionally attached, we also have you covered.

Having an emotional connection with a man is the height of satisfaction in any intimate relationship. A man who is emotionally invested in your relationship will go to any lengths for you just to keep you happy. And this will in turn make you a very happy girlfriend.

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Getting a man to that point of being emotionally attached and connected with you at the same level that you already are is where every relationship should ultimately be. Without both parties being emotionally invested in the relationship at the same time, that relationship ultimately dies out because the emotional attachment of only one party to a relationship cannot sustain the relationship.

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If you’re wondering how to know if a man is emotionally invested and attached to you, then read on for all the signs of emotional attraction from a man. We also provide helpful tips on how to get a man emotionally attached.

How to tell if a man is emotionally attached to you – 11 Signs a man is emotionally attached to you.

When you have a strong emotional attraction and attachment with a man, you will be left in no doubt about it. A strong emotional connection will always equate to strong feelings of love. And so, the man who has a strong emotional attachment to you is a man who loves you deeply.

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And we know you already feel it even though you are still asking yourself if you are imagining that this man is as emotionally connected to you as you think he is. Wonder no more. If he shows you most or all of these 11 signs, then, have no doubt. He is emotionally attached to you.

1. Spending quality time with you is one of his favorite addictions.

A man emotionally attracted to you loves spending quality time with you all the time. Like it wouldn’t even matter if this man is super busy. He’s always ready to rearrange his schedule to suit spending time with you. He makes it one of the important priorities of his life. You don’t even have to beg him to spend time with you because it’s like he’s always excited when you suggest you want to hang out or spend quality time together.

A man who you have to beg to spend time with you or who treats you like an option when it comes to spending quality time with you is not a man that is emotionally connected to you. He’s in the relationship just to have his fun when it suits him and then goes away. That kind of relationship won’t last long at all.

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2. He actively listens when you guys talk and is not distracted.

Not only is he spending quality time with you, but when he’s there, he’s completely there with you. His mind is not wandering. He is not playing with his phone or being distracted in any other way. He is completely engrossed and engaged with you because he is completely enamored with you. He is hearing everything you are saying and completely enmeshed in the conversation because he is listening, really listening to everything you are saying.

3. He remembers things about you that you share with him.

This is one of the sweetest things about a guy who has a strong emotional attraction to you. This is also another way you know he is listening to everything you were saying. He may ask you days later after your conversation about something you said during your conversation. Or in some cases, he goes out and comes back with a surprise gift of something you had talked about during your conversations. Such is the depth of his emotional connection with you.

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4. He loves looking into your eyes and staring lovingly at your face when you guys talk.

You would see it in how warm all his features appear when he’s listening to you, almost like a lovesick puppy. Well because that’s what he is at the point where he is emotionally attached to you.

He can’t seem to get his eyes off you the whole time you are talking. And you know why? It’s because he still can’t believe that you are his. He feels so emotionally connected to you that he just wants to always take in everything about your beautiful face because it is his ray of sunshine.

5. He is not hesitant to be vulnerable with you.

Given how emotionally connected he feels with you, a man who is emotionally attached will easily open up to you and show you his weakness(es).

And no, this is not something men do with just about any woman. They won’t do it with the woman they simply want to have sex and fun with and have no emotional connection with.

Vulnerability and showing weakness is not something men do well with because they are taught by society never to show weakness. But with the woman he shares a strong emotional attachment with, he is not afraid to throw caution to the wind and be himself. He’s not afraid to show him how vulnerable he can be sometimes because he feels safe around her.

6. He wants to know what you think about the things that matter to him and confides in you.

The man who asks for your opinion(s) and views on things that matter to him is a man you should not doubt his emotional attachment to you. A man will only seek the opinions and views of someone he trusts deeply. And that deep trust will only come once he feels emotionally connected to you.

Once you find him confiding in you and asking you what you think about so and so issue, know that you have yourself a man who feels a deep emotional attraction to you.

7. He loves holding your hands when you’re out on a walk as often as possible because he wants the whole world to know you’re his.

A man who is emotionally attached to you is super proud to show you off to the world. He is in awe at his good fortune in having you. When he is deeply emotionally connected to you, he sees your value and how much it means to him. And he wants the whole world to know you’re his. Not only does he proudly hold your hands in public as often as possible (not necessarily all the time), but you can hear the pride in his voice when he tells his friends and family about you.

8. He doesn’t think twice about helping you out with whatever you need help with.

This man will scale any heights for you. If you ask his help with anything, it’s not even something he would bat an eyelid about or have to think twice about. And even if he cannot do it for you, he will set out finding a solution for you. You are never in doubt about his willingness to help you whenever you ask for it.

9. He is passionate about the things you are passionate about and extremely supportive of the things you do.

An emotionally invested man wants to know what makes you tick. He wants to know all of you. The lyrics of the famous song by John Legend, All of Me easily comes to mind here. The man John Legend sang about in that song is a man who is heavily emotionally invested in the woman being sung about. He wants to know all of her because he loves all of her. That is how this man is with you.

He also supports everything you love and do. He cheers you on from the sidelines and if you want his advice or input, he won’t even think twice about giving it. He feels honored that you even asked and will want to impress you with how much insight he can offer.

10. When you fight, he doesn’t fight dirty or use things from your past to try and hurt you.

When you have an emotional connection with a man, your fights are not dirty. He’s not fighting to hurt you. He won’t use mean and hurtful words and he will always find the least messy way out of the fight. You also don’t come out of a fight feeling like he’s going to walk out of the relationship or break up with you.

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11. You can spend an enjoyable time and have fun even without sex being involved.

This is the high point of emotional connection and attraction with a man. A man with whom you can still have a great time even when the sex is taken out of the equation is a man who feels deeply connected with you emotionally. It is no longer about the sex. It is about who you are and wanting to learn more and explore all there is to explore about you outside the bedroom.

And this is such a beautiful place to be in because this is the kind of man who when you’re having any challenges in your sex life, he’s not immediately jumping ship and looking for the next woman that will give him what he wants sexually. He will stick it out with you and work on finding solutions together.

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How do guys get emotionally attached? How to get a man emotionally attached.

Having a man emotionally attached to you is a great place to be. When a man is emotionally invested in the relationship in the same way that you are, only then can the relationship stand the test of time. But it takes a bit of work just like every relationship. If you do any of these 13 things, you will have him hooked to you

1. Be sure there is established chemistry between both of you first.

This point only applies if you are not yet in a relationship with the man in question and are looking to start one with him. If this is a prospective love interest, then be sure first that you have the right chemistry and all going for you. It is the right chemistry and attraction that will get you in the door. If it’s not there, don’t bother with any of the rest of the tips here because they won’t work on him.

If you’re already in a relationship with him then we can only assume that the chemistry and attraction are there already, which is great for the next strategies.

2. Let him be the one who does the chasing.

This is especially important at the start of a relationship. When you meet the guy for the first time and you’ve gone on the first date and maybe the second date with him, don’t be too in his face. If he showed a little interest, let him be the one to ask you out on that date. Make yourself unavailable and a little scarce so that you intrigue him enough to seek you out. Don’t even text him first after your first date. Let him chase you. Let him text you first.

When he’s the one doing the chasing, he will start getting emotionally invested slowly but surely from that point on. This is because when he sees he has to work a little harder to win your affection he is intrigued by it. He sees it as a challenge and men love challenges. And the more he discovers, the more intrigued by you he gets. But if you are the one hounding him, he will sadly lose interest quickly because there’s nothing left to his imagination to explore.

3. Be fun but a little mysterious on your first two dates.

Don’t be that girl who when she goes out on a first date she talks about all the problems in her life. Make your first two dates more of a fun hangout rather than a serious all or nothing stakes date. Have more fun with games and just anything else that would relax you both. Remember that he is probably very nervous on your first date (check out this helpful article on 11 impressionable things to do on a first date with a girl). When you are a relaxed and fun sport to be with on a first (and hopefully second) date, you get him fascinated by you. He wants to spend more time with you after that date to learn more about you.

Reveal enough about yourself on your first two dates, but not too much. Give him just enough to keep him curious about who you are. Guys love a woman with a little mystery so don’t give out too much about yourself. Say enough to leave him guessing and coming back to know more about you. And the more he comes back, the more emotionally attached he gets.

4. Don’t always be available on a whim.

This is also part of being a little mysterious. Let him wonder what it is that keeps you so busy that you can’t always be available to him. It will be hard to say no all the time to him because you have the hots for him. But always remember that it is for a good cause – to get him emotionally attached to you.

When you are not always available to him on a whim, you also show him that you are a woman with a life of your own and who is doing something with herself and time. Any man would find that very attractive because he knows you won’t be a clingy and needy girlfriend. And that makes him all the more interested in you.

5. Talk as much about him as you talk about yourself.

As much as he wants to always talk about you, let the conversations always be a balanced one that equally talks about you and him. In this way, you show him that you are also interested in who he is and knowing all you can about him. A man who sees that a woman is equally as interested in him always connects with her. He feels seen and heard, and that will always draw him in. When he asks about what you’re passionate about, always make sure you lead the conversation in such a way that also leads him to talk about himself and his dreams and passions.

6. Be vulnerable with him.

When he sees that he has the opportunity to be your knight in shining armor, that will also draw him in. Don’t be afraid to show a little vulnerability that is not too much especially the first time you’re getting to know each other. Things like the not too hectic stuff you’re afraid of like heights are acceptable when you’re getting to know each other.

7. Show him your swank, savvy, and smart side.

Men love women who are not just fun to be around but are also smart and savvy and versatile in the things they can do. And why is that? Just as you would not want a boring and dull boyfriend, men also don’t want the same. Showing him you are swank, savvy, and smart tells him you will bring a different excitement to a relationship if he pursues one with you.

Talk about what’s going on in the world around you. If you have a savvy skill like speaking a second language, for example, you can show it off too. He will be impressed by it and this will keep him curious to discover more and hence emotionally connect with you.

8. Create a safe space for him to be vulnerable.

A man who knows that he is safe to be vulnerable with you will always be emotionally connected with you. You can create this safe space by being non-judgmental when you listen to him. Ask him about his deepest fears and darkest desires and don’t judge him. When he feels comfortable sharing these intimate and personal details with you, he will love being vulnerable with you. And when he is being vulnerable with you, he is connecting with you emotionally.

9. Show him you appreciate him.

Men love being appreciated for the things they do to show you how much you mean to them. When you tell him thank you and show appreciation, you open up something in him that says “I want to always be around her”.

And if you need more help in knowing how to do this let our helpful articles on 23 ways how to make your husband feel appreciated and What to say to your boyfriend to make him happy show you how you can do this.

10. Guys love a spontaneous woman.

Don’t be predictable or routine. Any of these two will make him lose interest quickly and not stick around. Surprise him out of the blues for no reason. If it’s his birthday, give him a surprise fun birthday outing. Always be spontaneous and you keep him hooked to you because he wants to know what next you have up your sleeve for him.

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11. Remember the little details about him and make fun hangouts out of it.

You find it really sweet when a guy remembers the little details about you right? It’s also the same for a guy. When you remember the small details and make fun hangouts out of it, he feels seen and heard. This will in turn keep him emotionally attracted to you.

12. Be his biggest fan.

How men love women who believe in them. Always encourage him every chance you have. If he’s pursuing a project, show him you believe in his ability to make a success out of it. A man will stay hooked to the woman who encourages him and is his biggest fan.

13. Save sex for way later.

And this final point is very important. A man who gets sex easily from you after 2 or 3 dates will not stick around to be emotionally invested. But if you push the sex for way later in the relationship and he’s still interested in going out with you then you have no doubt that the sex is not what he is after, but knowing and learning more about who you are.

Be like 18.7% in the below survey seen on Statista who saved sex for when they were sure they had a commitment from their partner.

Amount of time singles wait before having sex with a new partner: U.S. 2012. Source: Statista

Amount of time singles wait before having sex with a new partner U.S. 2012

He will show you he’s committed by being emotionally invested in the relationship. And you know he’s emotionally invested when he shows you the 11 signs listed in the first section of this article.

Frequently asked questions.

  • What are some emotional attraction signs to look out for?

To know the signs of emotional attraction from a man, look out for any of the 11 signs listed in the first section of this article.

  • How do you know if you’re attached to someone?

You know by the deep emotional connection you share with them. And you will see that deep emotional connection in most or all of the 11 signs listed in this article. Once you have this depth of chemistry with your significant other, do not doubt how attached you are to them.

  • Do guys get attached to their first love?

Yes, guys get attached to their first love but not all stay attached to their first love after they break up. They obviously had to be attached to them at the time they were in love with them. But for most guys, once they break up, that emotional attachment is no longer at the level where they can’t be emotionally connected to another woman.

  • What does it mean when a guy opens up to you about his life?

This is one of the signs that he is emotionally connected to you. Guys rarely open up about their lives to just about any woman. Only the woman they feel an emotional connection with will they open up to about their life.

In sum.

Sharing an emotional connection with a man is what guarantees a long-lasting relationship with that man. Build your relationship with him and make it stronger when you see the 11 signs he’s emotionally attached to you.

And even if he’s not there yet, it’s never too late. You can get him to be emotionally attached to you if you follow our simple recipe of 13 things to do to get him emotionally attached.





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