19 Positive Signs Your Husband (A Man) Loves You Deeply

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  • When your husband is still deeply in love with you, you can be able to tell by looking out for all the 19 positive signs listed in this article. Read on to find out what these 19 positive signs your husband loves you deeply are. These signs are also applicable to knowing if a man loves you deeply.

Share of Americans who are in love, by gender, in 2009. Source: Statista

Share of Americans who are in love, by gender, in 2009

Share of Americans who are in love in 2019. Source: Statista

Share of Americans who are in love in 2019.

Being in love and staying in love is in a constant state of flux, and the above charts are good examples of this phenomenon. In 2009, it would seem that on average about 70% were in love and 10 years later, that number had reduced by more than half. While we cannot comment on the correctness or otherwise of both stats, one undeniable fact that comes out of them is that love is in a constant state of flux.

And this is why one can understand if you are asking what the signs he’s deeply in love with you are. In this case, this man is your husband and you want to be sure that even after so many years together he still loves you deeply and cares deeply about you. And this concern is all the more understandable when one considers rates of divorce in the country as seen from this recent survey.

Marital status of the U.S. population in 2019, by sex(in millions). Source: Statista

Marital status of the U.S. population in 2019, by sex(in millions)

While there is nothing on this chart to suggest that one of the reasons for this high rate is a lack of love between the spouses, it is known that falling out of love has led to several divorces over the years.

And if you want to be sure that your marriage is still going stronger and that your husband is still madly in love with you today as much as he was when you both met and fell in love, then you’re reading the right article. We will show you all the signs to look out for to be left in no doubt that he’s still deeply in love with you and still cares very deeply for you and about you.

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What Does A Man (Your Husband) Do When He Loves You Deeply? 19 Positive Signs He Cares Deeply For/About You And Loves You Deeply.

When your husband cares deeply for you and is still madly in love with you he will do the following things and show you the following 19 positive signs.

1. He still strokes and caresses you ever so often.

Touch and physical contact is one thing we never get tired of when we are in love, no matter how long we may have been together. Granted that it would not be at the same frequency or with the same intensity as the first time you fell in love and couldn’t keep your hands off each other.

This time around given the length of your relationship and marriage, it is not as intense but it is still present. You may notice that he would occasionally touch you lightly on the arm or shoulder when he’s within proximity. Or you may notice that he gently strokes a strand of hair from your face. These seemingly small gestures may appear like they mean nothing but they mean a lot. Those small gestures are his way of saying he still fancies and loves you deeply and can’t help but reach out and touch you.

And the best thing to do to keep this touch and caress coming is to reciprocate them. Also always keep that touch and caress when you’re around him. That tells him you also find him very desirable. This is sure to keep him deeply in love with you.

2. He still stares at you lovingly and deeply looks into your eyes when you both talk.

You may catch him occasionally looking at you like a love-struck puppy. That is a great sign because it means he’s still madly in love with you. Or maybe, he is the type to gaze longingly into your eyes when you are talking with him. Or even if he doesn’t stare longingly, he is keeping eye contact with you and fully engaged with you when talking.

Any of these signs are great because it means that he is completely with you at that moment and is not distracted by anything else. He is telling you that even after all the years together he still loves hearing your voice and talking with you and wants to hear every single thing you have to say.

With this sign, it is one that you can also easily keep him hooked on. When you are both speaking intently and he’s looking at you, you can maybe wink in a very naughty and suggestive way at him depending on the context and content of what you’re talking about. Or you can make a goofy face like sticking your tongue out at him.

You’ll notice that he’ll enjoy these naughty and playful quirks that he’ll almost always keep his eyes on you just to catch them. And when you catch that glance return it by winking or teasing him about the things it does to your insides when he looks at you in that way.

3. You still go out on dates frequently.

Over time in a relationship, the partners may fall into the temptation of taking each other for granted and not seeing the need to continue going out on dates. But this is the opposite when couples remain deeply in love.

When your husband is still deeply in love with you, he will enjoy and look forward to date nights. And he may not necessarily always come up with the suggestion of where you should both go, but he would gladly and excitedly go with whatever your suggestion is.

4. He is still sensitive to your moods and feelings.

Is he always quick to notice a dip in your mood and follow up on if everything is okay? Then you can be sure he’s still very much into you. Being sensitive to your moods and feelings is one way you can be sure that your husband is not taking you for granted and still paying detailed attention to you. You will also notice that he follows up that question with whether or not there is anything he can do to help make you feel better. A husband who still notices when you’re not your usual upbeat self is still madly in love with you.

5. He still respects and gives you your personal space when you need it.

If he still understands your need to have “me time” and gives you that space without making a fuss about it, he is still madly in love with you.

And to keep him still loving you in this way, also reciprocate by allowing him his own “me time” and respecting when he needs some time alone. When you both give each other space in this way, it fosters and strengthens the love between you.

6. He still takes an active interest in your hobbies and the things you love.

If he still loves doing the things you love and taking an active interest in your interests and hobbies, you have a husband who not only cares deeply about you but also loves you deeply.

Show him you also love him as much by reciprocating and enjoying his hobbies together with him. When it’s time to watch football, bring popcorn and sit with him. If it won’t interfere with your schedule you can also join him to attend a live game or buy him tickets and follow him to the game.

When he sees you also care about his hobbies and interests, he will stay glued to enjoying yours with you.

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7. He is still playful and goofy around you.

This one is another sure-fire sign that he is still madly in love with you. Do you find that you can still enjoy a good old pillow fight or food fight even today? He is definitely still deeply in love with you. Lovers never get tired of being playful around each other. He may poke you occasionally or just tease you playfully. All of these are signs that he’s still into you and enjoys getting silly with you.

You may find that given the length of your relationship and your responsibilities in the house, you may not enjoy the playful pokes anymore. And if you don’t engage with him as often, he may get turned off from being playful because he doesn’t want to upset you. But this is not very good long term because his being playful is a way of keeping things exciting between you.

If you notice that he was playful and stopped being playful, you can encourage him to start again by initiating the tease/pokes. In time, he will get comfortable again about being playful and goofy with you.

8. He still makes out time to hang out with you.

Hanging out together is an important element of any love relationship. Couples can hang out by playing games at home or just the good old hanging out and talking or even binge-watching a series or movie together or taking a road trip with you just to hang out. If you find that your husband has not grown tired of this practice and that he still makes out time to hang out with you in any of these ways and more, you have yourself a husband who is still madly in love with you.

You can keep this fire stoked by making your hang out time more exciting and fun. Check out our helpful article on Activities for couples to do at home for ideas on the extra sauce you can add to your time together with your hubby.

9. He helps you out at home as much as possible.

He may not always help you watch the dishes or prepare the food, but he always looks for ways to help you. He may occasionally help you make a quick dash to get groceries or offer to pick up the kids when it’s your turn to do so. Or he may sometimes offer to buy takeouts if he sees you are too tired to cook and he isn’t a great chef. Any of those small thoughtful gestures to help you at home are good signs that your husband still cares deeply for you and loves you deeply.

And to show him you love and appreciate him for it, always find ways to help him too when he needs help. In this way, you show him that you are not just content with receiving help, but that you can also give it in return.

10. He still surprises you now and again with gifts and other nice surprises, however small.

Even if it is that slice of cake from your favorite cafe or bakery or even one stalk of a flower. These “small” gestures and gifts say volumes about just how much you occupy his mind. It shows that he is thinking of you almost all the time, and thinking of ways to show how much he still loves you.

To show him that you notice and appreciate that he still loves you in this way, also surprise him now and again with little surprises” to show him you love him too. Our article on How to surprise my boyfriend for no reason can be of help because the tips there are also as effective with a husband as they are with a boyfriend.

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11. He still calls you or sends texts during the day to check up on you.

Staying in touch with each other during the day is one of the signs of couples who are still in love. And he may not necessarily do this every day. But if he makes it a duty to at least check in with you now and again, whether by calling or texting, you can be sure he still loves you deeply. His checking in shows that he is thinking of you. If he even takes this the further step of sending flirtatious and naughty messages now and again, you have yourself a husband who is still madly in love with you.

12. He still calls you by name when you make love.

How sweet is this right? Remember how he always moaned your name out in the middle of his ecstasy? If he still does this even now, you can be rest assured that he is still head over heels in love with you. Calling out your name means he’s in there completely with you and you are the only one he is thinking about at that moment.

13. He still kisses you as frequently as possible.

You may think this sign isn’t an important or big one but you will be wrong. Kissing is one way lovers show how intimately and passionately in love they are. And it is a known fact that not all couples still kiss as much the longer they are together. If your husband still wants to kiss you every chance he gets, honey, don’t even think twice about it. Kiss him right back because he still has the hots for you.

14. He still makes an effort to spruce up things in the bedroom.

If he still wants to keep things in the bedroom spiced up and always looking to try new things in the bedroom, you should be very happy. It means he is still very much madly in love with you and wants to explore all his deepest fantasies and desires with you. And the easiest way to ensure he stays hooked is by reciprocating and also being open to being adventurous as he is. This will keep him attracted to you and staying madly in love with you.

15. He still tells you he loves you.

This one is one of the more obvious signs. A man who still loves you will always tell you that he does so that there is no doubt in your mind about how he feels about you. If your husband still tells you how much he loves you without thinking about it, have no doubts he is still madly in love with you. And always tell him back just how much you love him too.

16. He is quick to reach a compromise if you disagree.

Couples will always fight but how you know how much love there is in the relationship is how quick they are to make up after each disagreement and fight. A man who loves you dearly will not enjoy the rift that comes with fighting and will always be quick to reach out to broker peace. If your husband still does this, you can be sure that he is still madly in love with you.

17. He makes an effort to remember those special dates that mean so much to you.

And he may not necessarily remember all of them because men can sometimes be clumsy with dates. But if he takes that extra effort of putting a reminder so that he does not forget, that is a husband that still loves you deeply. He cares very much about those dates that are sentimental to you and has made it a point to also make it important to him.

18. He still compliments you on your appearance and how you look.

Is he still generous with the compliments about how hot, sexy, and ravishing you look? Then you can be rest assured that he is still smitten with you and still finds you very much attractive.

19. He is still very protective of you.

He may not necessarily always be all macho about it but you can tell by the way he still checks up on you to see that you are safe. A man in love will always protect and look out for the woman he loves and if your husband still does this, have no doubt about his love for you.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • 1. How do you know when your husband no longer loves you?

Generally, he will stop caring about you or taking an interest in those things that matter to you. And you will notice that when he starts being nonchalant and being the exact opposite of all the 19 signs listed in this article. You can also read our article on What to do when your husband hates you for more signs to look out for to know if your husband no longer loves you.

  • 2. What does it mean when a man says he cares deeply for you?

It means just that –  that he does care deeply for you. Men are hardly expressive of how they feel (unless he’s only looking to have sex with you and go away), and when they eventually do say how they feel, it is only because they mean it.

  • 3. How to know if your boyfriend loves you?

He will still show all the 19 signs listed in this article. The signs in this article apply to a boyfriend as much as they apply to a husband.

  • 4. How do you know if a man loves you deeply?

He will show you he loves you deeply by displaying some or all of the 19 signs listed in this article.

Finally, Always Remember!

If your husband still loves you deeply, he will display some or all of these signs. And remember that he will display them in his peculiar way. Don’t try to compare him in how he shows you his deep love with other men.

And never forget that the easiest way to keep that love flowing is by reciprocating it at every turn. When you reciprocate your husband’s love in this way, he will stay deeply and madly in love with you.





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