What to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Happy - 29 Sweet Things to Tell Him

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  • Communication is one of the vital lifeblood of any successful love relationship. And even more important is telling each other sweet, romantic, and encouraging things.
  • Boyfriends also want to hear the sweet nothings as much as their girlfriends, in any relationship. So, go ahead and make your boyfriend happy with sweet nothings. This article is here to help, by providing you with a helpful guide of what to say to your boyfriend to make him happy at all times, whether it’s after a fight or just because.
  • And remember that the main key to saying adorable things to your boyfriend is to say it all the time and have them flow naturally in your conversations. In that way, it becomes a part and parcel of who you are.

Communication is very key and essential in any love relationship, and little to no open communication channels in a relationship is what often leads to relationship break-ups between boyfriends and girlfriends. All boyfriends, both the great boyfriends and the so-called average ones, like to hear sweet things as much as their girlfriends in a love relationship. 

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One survey by Typing.com found that on average, even partners who were in the same town they couldn’t stay for more than 14 hours without communicating with each other.

How many hours can you go without communicating with your partner? (U.S. Survey of 997 persons in a relationship). Source: Typing.com

How many hours can you go without communicating with your partner (U.S. Survey of 997 persons in a relationship)

There are many topics to discuss with your boyfriend in your relationship, and nothing should be off-limits if your relationship will soar from strength-to-strength. Even more important are positive words of affirmation, encouragement, and love. These help a relationship stay strong, relevant, and meaningful to the partners. 

The need for constant communication becomes even more important in long-distance relationships. According to a 2018 survey by the New York Post, only 58% of long-distance relationships are successful, and this is in large part because of the time invested in communication between the partners.

Long distance relationships have only a 58% success rate and it is largely due to regular communications (U.S., 2018). Source: New York Post

Long distance relationships have only a 58% success rate and it is largely due to regular communications (U.S., 2018). Source New York Post

Your boyfriend also wants you to say cute, romantic, and mushy sweet nothings to him, as much as you want him to say them to you. And in this article we give you a list of things your boyfriend wants to hear that will make him smile and keep him smiling and happy all day.

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What To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him HappyHow To Express Your Feelings To Your Boyfriend In Words.

Couples communicate with each other largely through face-to-face discussions, and then secondly through text messages.

What is the main form of communication between you and your significant other? (U.S., 2017). Source: Semantics Scholar

What is the main form of communication between you and your significant other (U.S., 2017)

And these will usually be the two main mediums you will use when you express your feelings to your boyfriends in words to make him happy and make him feel special. And that is why it is important to make the words communicated in both instances count. 

The following things are important to remember when it comes to expressing your feelings to your boyfriend in words:

Be Yourself.

As much as your boyfriend wants to hear all the mushy and romantic sweet nothings, he wants you to be yourself and remain original when it comes to saying it. Remember that he would know you by now and know when you’re not being yourself. Not to mention that if it isn’t you, it will come out rehearsed, a little forced, and would not have the same amazing feeling you were hoping to achieve.

Be Spontaneous.

Routine can be the death of a relationship sometimes. There should be no routine when it comes to saying sweet things to your boyfriend. Being spontaneous and finding creative ways to make your boyfriend happy with the things you say is a sure way to keep the fire of romance burning. Send him sweet words when he isn’t expecting any, and he would always be blown away at how much you are thinking of him.

For example, if you’re always sending funny and sweet text messages, you can switch things up by surprising him at work with something sweet and/or savory coupled with a short message. Here is one suggestion you may want to explore. So, say he had to rush off to work without breakfast because he was running late. Knowing what he normally likes in the mornings, you could call a coffee shop or restaurant that delivers breakfast close to his workplace as soon as he steps out the door and order him his favorite. Then ask that they deliver it with a sweet sentimental message from you, maybe something like “thinking of you my love, dazzle them with your awesomeness”. Imagine his delight in having his breakfast, getting a sweet message of love from you, and all this without you even having to send a text message.

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Timing is very important.

Whether you want to tell your boyfriend something sweet face-to-face/in person, or over text, you should be observant and intuitive about his mood before saying it. If he’s in a sour mood, it would probably not be the best time to say it. If he’s not a morning person, for instance, he may not appreciate your text messages in the morning and may actually find them a little irritating and annoying, defeating the purpose you set out to achieve.

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Let It Come Naturally.

This goes hand in hand with being yourself. The best sweet nothings are the ones that flow naturally with the conversation. So rather than always just bringing up sweet nothings out of the blues with no context, work on building these as part of your everyday conversations and in your activities with your boyfriend, as well as when you’re both engaging in your favorite hobbies.

To give an example – this could be a sample of a short conversation when he gets back from work.

You – Hey babe, welcome (kiss on the lip/cheek, whatever you’re used to)

Babe – Thanks, babe.

You – So, how was work today? Did you kick ass as usual?

Babe – Aah, it was so-so. Boss was being his/her usual self (or whatever else he says).

You – Am sorry to hear that babe. Only a blind person cannot see the everyday superhero and smart genius that you are.

Babe – Awwn (smiles) thanks sweetheart (and anything else he may say).

You can see that in that line of conversation, she tells him not just one but two sweet things (underlined) to not only give him confidence but to also tell him how much she believes in him. That’s just one example and you don’t necessarily have to say these exact words but you get the gist. Telling him sweet things to make him happy doesn’t always have to be an event or only happen when you’re all hot and heavy and in between the sheets. It should be part of your everyday conversation.

When you affirm him every day like this, you give him confidence, and even when he may be down at work or away from you he can already imagine the sweet words of encouragement and love you’ll tell him, and that will make him very happy.

Keep It Short, Simple, And Measured.

This one is important when it comes to sending text messages. Guys generally don’t have the patience to read rather lengthy text messages, and they tend to gloss over or ignore it. Reserve text messages for the sweet stuff. And if there’s anything heavy or important you want to discuss, it is probably best to do it either face-to-face or over a call (whether voice or face-time).

Being measured with text messages is also very important. When you send your boyfriend a sweet text on any given day try to keep them to the barest minimum as possible. This is because when it becomes too much, you may come across as clingy or too needy. And we’re not just saying this. According to the same survey by Typing.com mentioned earlier, most men found 6 text messages as coming off as clingy and too needy.

How many consecutive messages from a partner do you consider clingy or needy? (U.S., survey of 997 persons in relationships). Source: Typing.com

How many consecutive messages from a partner do you consider clingy or needy (U.S., survey of 997 persons in relationships)

Add A Touch Of Fun, Humor, And Lightheartedness.

Lighthearted humor and funny things are always sure to bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face and make him happy. Lighthearted humor is part of what to say to your boyfriend to make him happy. These could be anything from sharing a funny meme that you know he’ll appreciate, to sharing a private joke from a show or series that you both like or even reminding him of something funny he had said the night before in between your pillow talks.

Tailor It To Fit Your Boyfriend’s Personality.

What works for your friend’s boyfriend, for example, will not always work with your boyfriend. If say for example your best friend’s boyfriend is a soccer fan and soccer anecdotes are what works for him, trying to employ the same method with your boyfriend who is a science geek will be a dismal failure because he won’t get it and won’t appreciate it. In the same way, if your boyfriend has a naughty bad side to him, he will appreciate racy and crazy, while a reserved boyfriend may find it a little uncomfortable. Whatever choice of words you adopt, these should suit your boyfriend’s personality.

In summary, the kind of words you should say to your boyfriend to make him happy should be:

  • Words of affirmation and encouragement to boost his confidence;
  • Words that convey gratitude and appreciation and tells him how much he means to you;
  • Funny and lighthearted words to bring sunshine, warmth, and a smile to his day;
  • Cute, romantic, sweet, and mushy words to keep the fire, passion, and romance burning in your relationship.

These are the kinds of things your boyfriend wants to hear. And with all of the above said, here is a good list of sweet words to say to your boyfriend to make him happy, that has all of the above characteristics. This list is by no means exhaustive and is meant to be more of a guide to tailor to your boyfriend and his peculiarities and your relationship.

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Loving, Adorable Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him Feel Special.

1. “You are the best thing to happen to me.”

This one may be one of the most cliche and overused sweet words but it’s effect never changes no matter how many times it is said. Nothing warms the heart of either a man or woman than knowing that they are one of the best things that happened to you and he will love hearing it.

2. “I can’t imagine an existence without you in it.”

This is another popular one but remains timeless and ageless. Said at the right time and in the right setting, this word can melt your boyfriend’s heart and lead to other exciting things if you catch the drift.

3. “I always thought my life was pretty awesome until you came along and I realized I’ve been under an illusion about what awesome actually means.”

How adorable and sweet. He will feel pretty special.

4. “I am definitely one lucky girl to have you all to myself.”

This will make him feel proud and special that he means that much to you.

Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend After A Fight.

Fights in relationships are inevitable, although no one enjoys them. Saying sweet things are always a guaranteed way to try and remove the tension and restore things to normal. It makes making up all the more enjoyable. Here are a few suggestions:

5. “I never want us to fight again because I can’t handle how sick it makes me knowing that we’re not okay.”

This tells him that you hate fighting as much as he does.

6. “You look so cute when you’re mad. I know it sounds a little crazy but sometimes your cute mad face turns me so on, but I am so sorry for making you mad. You can spank me for being such a naughty girl.”

This last part of this statement is what will complete the warm feeling and soften him up and lead to a make-up that is filled with fun depending on how adventurous you both are.

Cute Funny Things To Say To Your Boyfriend.

Fun and humor are also good to keep things different and exciting. You can share funny memes that he would appreciate and find funny. Here are some suggestions of some funny things to say to your boyfriend.

7. “Babe are you out of breath by any chance?”

Ask this question when he is obviously not out of breath so that it will elicit the expected response of “No, why?” To which you will say, “Because I am out of breath and it’s because you take my breath away”.

8. “Hey babe did you know there were only two stars in the whole galaxy, I kid you not.”

He will be outraged at such a suggestion because it obviously sounds ludicrous. Out of curiosity though and finding it funny, he will ask and may say something like “hahaha oh yeah? And what are they?”. To which you will then say “You and I babe. We are the only stars in the galaxy that matter.”

9. “Why are you like this babe?”

Getting a text like this will get him very curious enough to reply with “like how love”? To which you will say “Being so goddamn great, breathtaking and stealing my heart all at the same time.” He’ll laugh/smile, whatever he may be doing, and reply in kind.

Mushy Romantic Things To Say To Your Boyfriend.

Romance and passion are vital to your relationship. The right words said at the right time will help in keeping things hot, wild and steamy all the time between you and your boyfriend. We cannot possibly exhaust all the mushy romantic things you can say to your boyfriend, but here are a few:

10. “I am hungry babe, but the only way I am eating is if you’re the only item on the menu.”

And who can say no to such an irresistible invitation.

11. “Where have you been my whole life?”

This is both funny and romantic and bound to make him mushy.

12. “You know why I enjoy looking into your eyes babe? Because every time I look into them I get filled up with your love.”

Melt, melt, melt. You’ll have him all mushy and melted.

13. “Damn it just got really hot in here or is it just me.”

This is especially best when he’s dressed up and looking ravishingly hot.

14. “A life without you in it would have no meaning”.

This is another way to make your boyfriend feel mushy, but never forget that as sweet as what you just said sounds, self worth and having a high level of self esteem is also very important.

Some relationships are on a deeper level, for those that are more physical, and like to tease each other a bit, you could say,

15. “The only car I feel like riding right now is you.” (or “The only boat I feel like rocking right now” if that’s your preference).

Sweet Things To Say To Boyfriend Long Distance.

Long-distance relationships need constant communication and affirmation of love and romance. Here are a few suggestions of sweet things to say to your long-distance boyfriend:

16. “Distance between us means nothing because you’re forever in my heart.”

This is an affirmation that is constantly needed in a long-distance relationship because distance can take a toll on relationships and absence in the body is usually absent in mind for most people.

17. “The sound of your voice makes my heart beat faster.”

He wants to always know that despite the distance between you, the fire of love and passion is still very much alive.

18. “Babe the strangest thing happened this morning. When I looked at the mirror I saw you smiling right back at me.”

How sweet. This tells him that even when he’s not there, you are thinking about him.

19. “Hearing your voice and seeing your face last night reminded me of why I am crazily in love with you and it makes the distance and wait worth it.”

Another affirmation that despite the distance, you still love him.

Meaningful Things To Say To Him.

Every guy loves to know that he means a lot to you, and always telling him how much he means to you will make him happy and strengthen your relationship. Here are a few suggestions:

20. “I am trying to find the right words to convey how much you mean to me but for some reason, the English vocabulary doesn’t seem to have the right words.”

This also tells him how much he means to you.

21. “No one understands and gets me as you do.”

Every guy loves to know that he, and only he, knows exactly what makes you tick, and this tells him that.

22. “You’re the one person in this whole world I know I can count on any time, any day.”

This is very meaningful for your boyfriend because by telling him this, you are telling him that you acknowledge the lengths that he goes for you and that you appreciate it.

23. “You’re the Simba in my Lion King story and I am so glad we found each other.”

If he knows the popular Lion King animation he will love the reference.

Sweetest Things To Say To A Guy You Like.

Flirting with a guy you like by telling him sweet things, is one sure way to get him to notice you and build some chemistry between you.

However, before using some of these lines, you should be sure that there is some vibe between both of you and you have established some form of rapport first, or he may find them a little creepy.

Also, try to make them as normal as possible by incorporating them into normal conversations. That way they feel more natural and have a better impact.

24. “Damn, that smile has to be the best I’ve seen in a long while, and trust me I’ve seen plenty.

This warms and relaxes nearly every guy who hears it, although there may be the exceptional uptight guy it may not work on. And also, if the guy doesn’t fancy you back, he may give a tight-lipped or half-hearted smile so be sure like we said before that there is some connection and rapport with him first.

25. “So like, do all outfits always fit everyone so well, or is it just you?”

He will be flattered by this and may even shyly blush and say something like “I don’t know, maybe.” To which you must follow up and say, “It definitely has to be you because I haven’t seen anyone make shorts look that fashionable in a little while now.”

26. “Loafers have never really been my thing but you’ve sure made me have a rethink about them.”

This should come up naturally in a conversation about clothing. You can start the conversation casually discussing fashion trends around the world, and then throw that in and it will definitely have an impact and make him laugh or smile or both.

27. “Hey handsome, how are you doing today or how’s it going?”

This one is cliche but it’s one of the most natural sweet things to tell a guy to tell him that you think he’s attractive and hot. He will find the attention flattering.

28. “You know some guys have to try so hard to be awesome, but you don’t even have to do anything and yet ooze awesomeness.”

This also tells him that you fancy him without coming out explicitly to say it.

29. “You’ve got to teach me how you do it so effortlessly, being awesome and great at everything you do that is.

This is both a compliment and a subtle flirt. Said in the right context and at the right time, this could get you both closer because you could follow it up with specifically what it is you want him to teach you. He’ll be flattered at the thought that you think he has something valuable to teach you.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do you tell your boyfriend you appreciate him?

Any of the words in this article will convey your appreciation to your boyfriend. Remember to be yourself and say it naturally. To make it more meaningful, be specific about the exact things you are appreciative of him for.

What are some romantic things to say to your boyfriend?

The words in the romance section are some of the most romantic things to say to him. You may also like our article on Romantic Anniversary Night Ideas for your romantic anniversary getaway with your boyfriend.

What are some things to say to your boyfriend to make him smile, laugh?

Most of the words in this article will make him smile/laugh. You can specifically use the ones in the funny section.

What are some mean things to say to a guy?

It is not worthwhile saying mean things to a guy no matter what he’s done because two wrongs don’t make a right. And also remember that words once spoken, cannot be taken back and you may later regret saying those mean things. To avoid having regrets later, if you feel the need to say something mean, walk away from the guy.

What are some cheesy things to say to your boyfriend?

Most of the suggestions in this article are cheesy and you can use them for a cheesy effect. You will also like our article on Cheesy Gifts For Boyfriend for more cheesy gift ideas to make him happy.


Communication is vital and key in any relationship and saying sweet and positive things are even more important. Your boyfriend also wants to hear those sweet things you want him to say to you, so be sure to always affirm your love for him through sweet words. This is sure to keep him happy and always bring a smile to his face.





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