31 Fun Things to Do With 10 Year Old Daughter

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Spending time with your child is very important and beneficial. Our article on the Benefits of spending time with your child gives you more insights on all the benefits you get to enjoy by spending quality time with your child.

But knowing how to spend quality time with your child in a way that is both fun and exciting for them is always the challenge. In the particular context of a 10 year old, we appreciate that parenting a 10 year old daughter is not always easy. You may often wonder what to do with your daughter, especially for fun and to keep her from being bored. Wonder no more. In this article, we give you a list of the 10 best fun things to do with your daughter who is 10 years old, whether indoors at home, or outdoors.

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6 Fun Things To Do With Your Daughter At Home.

The key to fun activities with your 10 year old daughter, is to have those fun activities that also help with their cognitive development. In our earlier article on Cognitive development activities for 6-12 year olds, we explained the importance of incorporating cognitive development activities into the fun routine of 6 – 12 year olds.

Here are 6 wonderful fun and yet cognitive-developmental activities you can have with your 10 year old daughter.

1. Have a backyard tea party.

Tween girls love their tea parties. Why not indulge her by playing as her guest at her high garden tea party. Ask her that you want the honor of an invitation to a tea party and let her bring out her tea party set for an afternoon of fun. It is also a good time to bond and catch up and hear all her exciting stories.

2. Virtual vacations.

Virtual vacations are the new craze. You can travel to many places in the world without even leaving your couch. On a lazy day, sign up for one of these exciting vacation experiences and enjoy it with your 10 year old daughter.

3. Talk.

Talking to your 10 year old daughter is very important. It is a good cognitive development exercise for her too. Talking gives you a chance to get a glimpse into her life and the challenges she may have and questions she has about life and growing up in general. You can make your time talking more fun by either journaling together or playing a talking game with fun conversation cards like Our Moments For Kids.

4. Read together.

Even at 10 years old, reading is still a fun and helpful activity to engage in with your 10 year old daughter. If you feel that she may have outgrown some of her childhood storybooks, why not ask her for her favorite books and read these with her. Since children are more technologically inclined these days, you can each read with a Kindle and discuss some of the points arising from your reading.

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5. Dance “Competition”.

Show your 10 year old daughter that you still got the groove in you and let her teach you a thing or two about modern dancing. You will have a good laugh and exciting time.

6. Fashion show.

10 year old girls love fashion shows and a chance to bring out their inner fashionista. Plus it could also be a good excuse to get her to clean out and organize her closet, and yours too. Join in the fun by also trying out and showing your own fashionista side. She may have a thing or two to teach you.

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7 Fun Things For 10 Year Olds To Do When Bored At Home.

When kids get bored they can easily become restless and a pain to handle. To avoid that happening, it is good to keep them engaged with fun activities that would be engaging enough to keep the boredom at bay. And here are some great boredom eliminating activities for your 10 year old daughter to do at home.

7. Play a jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzles are fun and very engaging. Given the many small pieces they contain, they are also a good way to kill time at home especially if your 10 year old is feeling bored. Bring out your jigsaw puzzle and have a great time joining the pieces together to create one giant beautiful piece.

8. Cook and/or bake together.

This is another fun activity you can do together to keep the boredom at bay. Why not bring out your baking book or cookbook and ask her what she would like for you both to try out. Our article on Gift Ideas for Baking With Children also has helpful ideas for your baking session with her.

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9. Paint together.

Painting is a fun, engaging, and creative way to spend time with your 10 year old daughter when she is bored at home. You can create a canvas painting together at home. She will be thrilled at the idea of creating something artistic and beautiful. In our article on How to throw a canvas paint party, we also give you ideas on having a canvas paint activity with your child.

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10. Play a video game together.

Video games can be addictive if they are not properly managed (check out our article on What to do if your child is addicted to video games if your child is already addicted to it). This is why playing video games with your 10 year old daughter is one of the ways you can manage how much time she spends on video games.

In case you don’t know which video games she loves, this chart drawn from a 2019 survey seen on Statista provides insight into the type of video games they love.

Most popular video games among preteens in the United States as of September 2019. Source: Statista

Most popular video games among preteens in the United States as of September 2019.

Preferred device for playing video games according to children in the United States in 2019, by age group. Source: Statista

Preferred device for playing video games according to children in the United States in 2019, by age group.

And as the second survey also from the same period shows, 10 year olds prefer playing their video games on a gaming console. So, why not bring out her gaming console and have a fun time playing Minecraft or Fortnite. You will be surprised at how much you will also enjoy it and learn from it, especially Minecraft.

11. Binge-watch their favorite shows or movies together.

The beauty of this fun activity is that it also serves to remind you about the TV shows and movies you loved growing up. You will most likely be tempted to draw comparisons between the popular shows in your time and how the stuff that kids watch these days pale in comparison to them.

This is another great activity that allows you to get an insight into the kind of things your daughter is watching and how good it is for her development.

12. Play games – card games or board games.

Board and card games are good cognitive activities for all ages and are great for passing time. Next time your 10 year old daughter is bored at home, bring out your game of Scrabble or a deck of cards or maybe checkers, and play with her. The boredom will be gone in seconds because she will be too preoccupied with trying to beat you at the game.

And if you’re looking for more ideas of games for two people that you can play with her, check out our article on Fun Games To Play With Two People, for more fun game ideas.

13. Put together a craft or scrapbook.

Scrapbooking or making something crafty and artsy is another fun way to spend an afternoon or day that is feeling boring. Bring out your scrapbook and get scrapbooking or make a card together. And if you don’t have one yet, check out our article on Gifts for Card Makers, Crafters, and Scrapbookers for quality items to buy to get started.

18 Other Fun Things To Do With Your 10 Year Old Daughter.

At home isn’t the only place to have fun with your 10 year old daughter. This chart from Statista has a good list of other fun things 10 year old girls love.

U.S. parents by the type of trips they have taken in the past as of 2016. Source: Statista

U.S. parents by the type of trips they have taken in the past as of 2016.

From this chart and our additional items, here is a list of 18 other things 10 year old girls like that you can enjoy with your daughter.

14. Girl’s dates – dinner, ice-cream, lunch e.t.c.

Taking your 10 year old daughter out on a date will make her day. It will make her feel very special and loved. Both moms and dads should have this activity with their 10 year old daughter. For moms, it is a good bonding time with their daughter.

With their dads, it serves two purposes. They get to bond, and secondly and very important, they don’t feel the need to go out with just about any boy that comes along because their dad has made the idea of going on a date pretty normal.

15. Go camping together.

49% of North American parents surveyed in this 2014 survey confirmed that camping with the family is a great way to bond with the family.

Impact of camping on personal life among parents and non-parents in North America as of July 2014. Source: Statista

Impact of camping on personal life among parents and non-parents in North America as of July 2014

Camping out in the wild or outdoors, or even in your backyard is a fun activity that 10 year old girls love. Staying up at night and discussing things that fascinate her around the campfire is a fun and bonding activity she will enjoy very much.

16. Learn a different language together.

Being bilingual is an important life skill to have. And the formative ages of 3 to about 16, 17 years old are key ages to catch on quickly with another language. Why not join the 22.6% of parents who spoke another language other than English with their children at home, according to this survey seen on Statista.

Percentage of school children who speak another language than English at home in the U.S. from 2009-2018. Source: Statista

Percentage of school children who speak another language than English at home in the U.S. from 2009-2018

And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. You can download a free language app like Duolingo and teach each other your language of choice, from Spanish, to French, and even German or Portuguese.

17. Go to the spa and/or salon together.

10 year old girls love being spoilt to a time at the spa or salon. Make it a mother-daughter outing and enjoy a lazy afternoon at the spa getting spoilt and followed by a hair treatment at the salon.

18. Family road trip.

Road trips are a fun family activity enjoyed by kids. They get the chance to play their favorite road trip games like I-Spy or License plates. Not to mention that it is the perfect excuse to sing out loud or just enjoy the road trip snacks they get to enjoy.

19. Go on vacation.

What is the best age to travel with children? Source: Statista

What is the best age to travel with children

Who wouldn’t love packing the vacation bags and taking a much-needed vacation, including 10 year olds, according to the above chart. You can make it a weekend getaway to nearby Canada or you can go as far as Europe or Mexico. Get your daughter and yourself excited with time away in a different place (or continent).

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20. Visit the museum or other historic sites.

Explore the museum or historic sites around you. And if you don’t have any around you, you can visit some on your next vacation trip or a road trip to another town.

21. Take them to a children’s library reading event.

Children’s library reading events are these cool reading events that libraries put together to try and encourage reading habits in children. Notwithstanding their usefulness and help in motivating children to read, sadly not many parents have bought into it, at least according to this 2015 survey. Why not tap into this under-utilized fun activity for children and take your 10 year old daughter to one in your local library.

Popularity of children’s reading or storytime programs offered by libraries in the United States as of August 2015, by demographic. Source: Statista

Popularity of children's reading or storytime programs offered by libraries in the United States as of August 2015, by demographic.

22. Amusement park and theme park outing.

Amusement and theme parks are every child’s idea of fun, even a 10 year old girl. Take her for an afternoon of splashing in the water and taking part in fun rides. You can even take the rollercoaster with her and scream your lungs out.

23. Nature/national park outing.

Or you could go for the national park outing for a chance to spend more time in nature and enjoy the serene and calm greenery. Outings to national parks is a good opportunity to show your 10 year old daughter nature and the living things found in nature.

24. Beach vacation.

She would love a chance to wear her bikini and just splash around in the water and play. Beach vacations are a favorite with everyone. To know exactly what you should pack for your beach vacation so that you have a great time with your 10 year old daughter, check out our article on Things to bring on vacation to the beach. Our article on Best beach games for families also gives you awesome ideas about what games you can play with her while at the beach.

Another related article you may also love is Fun things to do at the beach at night.

25. Going to a live sports game like basketball or baseball or American football.

Watching a sporting event live is never the same as watching it at home. If your 10 year old daughter is a fan of sports, why not buy tickets for a live sports event of her favorite sport. She would be so elated.

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26. Snow outing/activities – snowboarding; skiing; ice skating; roller-skating; or making a snowman.

The snow always presents good play opportunities with children. Take your 10 year old out to build a snowman or one of the snow activities like ice skating or snowboarding.

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27. Go shopping.

Shopping is great therapy for everyone regardless of age. 10 year old girls especially love shopping as they get a chance to check out that favorite nail polish or lip gloss or sneakers or clothing items they’ve been buying. It is also another exciting mother-daughter activity that you will both enjoy.

28. Go out for a picnic together.

You can take your picnic outdoors in a nice park or any other nice place. Pack a picnic bag and have fun with your 10 year old daughter with this enjoyable outdoor activity.

29. Volunteer at a charity together.

Teaching your child the value of giving back at an early age is important. And what better way to teach them than by making it part of your fun activities with her. Set aside an afternoon or specific time(s) in the week or a month to volunteer at a cause that you are both passionate about.

Check out our related article on How to teach your child to give back for more ideas.

30. Go fishing together.

Even 10 year old girls can get a kick out of fishing. Why not pack your fishing rods and set and intrigue her with fishing. She just might enjoy it more than you think.

31. Explore your town or city together.

What better way to show your 10 year old daughter the important landmarks in your town or city to be aware of, than by making it a city or town exploration. You can make it fun for her by giving each other a challenge of things to look out for, like how many streets starts with the letter “A”, or how many McDonalds are there, and the likes. In that way, she gets to pay attention to where important landmarks or areas are in your town or city in case she finds that she is lost one day.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is my 10 year old daughter so emotional?

It is very possible and likely she is dealing with puberty development issues. The only way to know is by studying her closely to observe what generally gets her to go off. That would give you an indicator of what she may be struggling with.

How do I deal with an out of control 10 year old daughter?

Write down rules that they are to abide by and have these visible in the house. Strictly enforce these rules by maybe taking away something she likes as punishment. And when she abides by the rules, encourage her with a reward as an incentive to stay well-behaved.

Also, keep her engaged and busy with chores. That way they have little time to cause chaos around the house. And remember to also strictly enforce it. That way you bring a semblance of order in the house and also teach her the importance of being helpful around the house.

How do I spend time with my 10 year old daughter?

Usually why parents find it difficult to spend time with their children is because they don’t know what fun and engaging activities they can carry out with their children. But we take that hassle out of the thinking for you in this article. By doing any or all of the activities in this article, you get to spend quality time with your daughter.

Closing Thoughts.

Spending time with your 10 year old daughter should not be difficult. With any of the fun activities listed in this article, you will have a blast with your 10 year old daughter, and you will get to bond with her at the same time. Have fun.





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